Are there any non-believers on Kenyatalk?

Atheists you mean? i like to think of myself as a critical thinker.

To quote the holy book:

The foolish one says in his heart that there is no God

Great! Sure thing i mean that. i consider myself as an agnostic. I would like to have a good debate with believers and i see you are a bird of the same feather as mine.

Go ahead, what bugs you?

Your certainty and dogma bugs me!

@Mr. fotyseven certainty is good because it means i have proof, now come and let us lay things bare, no need to use terms like dogma, because i’m sure of what i believe.

I sense you are staunch believer from your quote?

Lets just say i have done my research, and have come to an accurate conclusion.

care to share this proof please? Do it right and you might just win me to your camp.

Don’t listen to him,

Everybody should prove for himself what is the truth and whats not, nobody should prove for you, i have convinced myself of what i know and i know what i know, period.

One example, take a look at living creatures, he basic building block is the cell, the cell consists of various types of complex and simple proteins, right now with the advanced knowledge humans have achieved, no factory can create a simple protein, why because its far too difficult.Now if its this difficult, how can it’s coming about be attributed to mindless evolution (chance), do you see where i’m headed?

There is a Buddhist philosophy that states “one should not believe something simply for the sake of believing it, but only if it can somehow be demonstrated as true, if it can be realised in some practical way” the floor is yours @jameson give us a cognitively meaningful explanation that can be logically and empirically proven!

You are headed to explaining that something can be created from nothing (i rather go the chance way than the non-logical way bro)

Not everything can be proven this way, that’s why we have faith,
“An assured expectation even though it might not be evidently visible,”
to quote the book again:

Blessed are you because you beleived but you did not see

Faith involves believing in things which are not entirely evident…

Okay, then why don’t you explain from your own perspective where everything came from…and i will prove by contradiction.


Faith involves believing in things which are not entirely evident…[/QUOTE]

This is where your dogma gets devastatingly unreal.

:smiley: umenipata, okay you win round 1, ngoja i do my research ntakuita round 2.

Am agnostic. Many a time i have been bashed as a wishy-washy fence sitter. I detest ruling out things with certainty and i can explain them empirically. I might vouch for your creation story (it surely does make a good fairly-tale for kids) but there some ridiculously discrepancies in it. I could go with the Big bang theory or the evolution but there too many holes in them. I guess i will just sit on the fence till a good explanation surfaces.