Noma juu ya noma

And also, kwani cure ya HIV ilipatikana wadau?


Bone marrow transplant, read widely kasee sio kila saa ni lanyez tuu

I do read widely but not on matters health. Kila mtu ako na specialties zake buda. So, just because you know something I don’t doesn’t mean you’re a genius and I am dumb. Are we togeza kijana?

Anaitwa berlin patient

:D:D:D:D hakuna cha specialization hii kitu kila mtu anajua hata umbwa yangu

Was at one time the most infamous patient in the world. Famous :slight_smile:

Final Destination type of shit!


Niaje Kokoek Arap kipruto

Niaje mbwa koko

I agree with you, that dog of yours is smarter than me. :D:D

I hope that makes you and your supporters happy. Now back to business.

Don’t you read newspapers man? This guy was healed of HIV through a bone marrow transplant which was being carried out to treat cancer.