Nokia was a giant but is now almost dead, Apple is Next.

Trumpoon amenaza Tech wars na mchina, nakuambia hatoboi. If someone had told you that Nokia will be a shadow of its past in 2005 ungesema huyo jamma ni chizi but look at Nokia today. Microsoft bought them wakashindwa saa hii HMD are tryin to revive it but no hopes. Apple will only be popular in the US while the Chinese firms such as ZTE, Huawei, Xiomi and others gang up

What makes ZTE, Xiomi, Huawei and those others that you claim, immune to market forces ? Nokia was weeded out by the hand of capitalism. like many other products and services.
i’m not sure how the hand of communism works.

No correlation between the two!

For Huawei and ZTE they don’t just make handsets, they make BTS Network components. I know Nokia/Siemens and Ericsson also make network components but have low market penetration

Na si ZTE ilizimwa juzi in two seconds. Kwani ulikuwa wapi hio siku?!

Trump alizima ZTE in two seconds flat. Factory zikafungwa, watu wakalia…

Xi Jinping had to make a phone call in the dead of night, “Please uncle Trump, please… I’m sorry… we will stop stealing, please forgive us!!”

Nokia ilimalizwa na counterfeits za China. Apple will follow suit. There is Chinese phone company that makes iPhone lookalike called OPPO and it has taken Asia by storm, there is another one called Ulefone that is out to kill Apple.

Nokia failed to adapt to the Android revolution and died right there and then. The windows platform they tried failed as well so those were 2 bad decisions.

Apple will be around for longer. They won’t go anywhere.

Around in the US where they can afford to buy a $900 phone sio Asia and Africa which are the emerging markets. US and Europe are already saturated

And then what? :D:D

Fine Oppo or Huawei copy paste the hell out of apple and kick them out and then what? Where will they take the industry to when there is no one else to steal from?!

Umefikiria hio?

Brains always wins. China will always follow others stealing and copy and pasting for eternity because they don’t use brains… they don’t research. They STEAL!!

If the U.S. stops making smartphones, I guarantee you that that’s the end of Huawei, Oppo, Infinix zote zote.

Those Chinese tech companies will just switch to stealing whatever America discovers next.

Halafu sasa pia utasema chinese oem ziliibia Iphone X notch design?

Aaaaand if Apple comes up with a new fad say waruke 5G and straight to 6G utashangaa vile Huawei wataachwa kwa mataa.

It has happened before in many other fields. When the Americans for instance invented the microchip Russia ilirukwa na 40 years pap!!

They gave up on research and it became another race to copy the West. And yet Russia had been ahead but they quit and have never recovered.

Their first stealth jet was announced around 1979 the Su 57. Hadi leo hawajawai toboa stealth technology. 40 YEARS LATER and they don’t have a next generation jet.

Do you know China has its own equvalent of eBay, Facebook, Istangram, Amazon and google. America is bully and are trying to nip China in the bud because they are Ahead of the USA in terms of 5G as of today. I don’t like China but Its true they are ahead of USA on 5G, Only South Korea can compete with China in that field

waruke 5G waende 6G…
boss bangi unavuta achana nayo…

Some arguments here…[ATTACH=full]238783[/ATTACH]

Americans overate themselves. Some places like San Francisco and Las Vegas have so many homeless people, living under bridges and in tents in America, but they don’t show you that on CNN, they want you to believe what they show you in Hollywood movies, They’d better report about a bicycle accident in China than about their drugged up youth. So the only propaganda to kill Huawei was to use the National Security narrative. America is built on propaganda

are we supposed to believe , what comes from China ? a country with no freedom of press ?

I don’t get the analogy of Nokia vs Apple

So should we believe America??

actually there has to be,just start with their own market onlly india has near parity in population,

fantastic analogy & very true