Nokia Phones


I saw an villager complain about their Nokia Phone hanging.

I have been using a Nokia 6.1 plus for three months now. It apparently has 4GB RAM but it freezes, even when am on Kenyatalk.

Is it an issue of poor software optimization by Nokia or do I need to update the software??

What did you see?

he saw:D:D:D

An Doctor.

I recently purchased the nokia 8.3 5G and so far everything has been on point, kinda getting fond of it

That’s a poorly refurbished unit pakaged as new , initiate a warranty return/exchange as fast as possible.

ipatie muda…utashangaa

Why would someone buy a Nokia smartphone? Their technology went to the dogs soon after making the Nokia 3200 series. Remember their windows phone and how it turned out to be a big sham?

Windows phone was good, I have one that I bought in 2014,if they could offer support for apps,I could go back there

i might be the an villager

also have a 6.1 plus, and as mentioned, it’s a refurb.
hungs/freezes most of the time. have you gotten to the point where the memory 64gb gets full and it becomes slow?

if you bought it online, don’t bother returning it. they won’t accept it back.

and was the charging system okay?

the charging system is fine…

the freezing is frustrating…and despite the 4gb ram, it cannot multitask or open many apps at once…

i bought it in tao…doubt that the seller can take it back

you might have to live with it oor sell it off.
mi i decided to stay with mine, but have a backup phone