Sijui ni racism ama nini, but I cant figure out why.

wewe ngombe i told you dont bring rumours hapa , leta story na effidence nyangau hiii

Germany played one of the Boateng brothers bila issues in past competitions. tuwache kurushia racism kila kitu, kwani an African cannot lose his form?

OLUNDI, You always seem to complain about everything, is life too unbearable?

So sane hayuko form:D

Sane was our young player of the year and he is not in the German squad it’s disappointing lakini sitasema ni racism. Joachim low wanted a more defensive and versatile player that’s why he went with Julian Brandt

maybe he did not fit in with the coach’s tactical approach. Hukumbuki Mata vile watu walilia with mourinho when he froze him out at Chelsea na sio ati alikua amechapa


he is better than Gundogan, Brandt, and Reus. So bad for him. I always support Germany but because of this I pray that they crash out mapema like France 2002 and Spain 2014

Hatari sana

Agreed, no matter how good your domestic campaign was, national coach hakutaki if he can’t see you in the grand scheme of things and if he feels he has other options… It’s also good when a national team doesn’t have a few outstanding superstar players but rather a whole team of capable, world class guys pulling as one…

But I think Löew is also facing the same problem as Deschamps with Les Bleus… So much depth mpaka team selection is a headache. Mario Goëtze and André Schurrle, the two who combined for that winning goal 4 years ago, didn’t even make the cut… Remember also that Die Mannschaft won the 2017 Confederations Cup with a Team B!!


Now, that’s inSane.

Could it be the reason Germany lost to Austria? :D:D

Sane didnt play well in that game…

Die Man~shaft will be shafted this time round.

i just wanted to mention some guys who are worse off than him in that team

They lost partly coz Neuer was still out of form after being sidelined for many months due to injury. Löew still prefers him to start over ter Steger… Naona kichapo in Russia

And then it hits you that Welbeck will play in the world cup but not Sane.