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[SIZE=4]Manchester City consider Balotelli return[/SIZE]

Manchester City could launch a surprise bid to re-sign Mario Balotelli from Liverpool

Hoping ame learn na amesare tabia za kitoto

That niccur will never grow up.

That niccur is a major flop. He has been in big clubs all his career, but has never made a major, consistent impact on world football (in the pitch)

He made an impact at Inter Milan under Mourinho…even won the Champion’s league in 2010. He lacks “discipline” but he is a great player.

Even Mariga won The champions League that year. My point is … can Balotelli be classified in the same group as Suarez, Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Rooney?

Using the same analogy…Diaby won the FA cup with Arsenal…twice. Balloteli (in 2010) can be classified in the same group with Suarez and the top strikers in the World of football…Torres is up there with them too.

I never use only the trophy count to gauge a player’s greatness.

Anyway, Ballotelli only had one good season: 2011/12, and Euro 2012. The rest of his career has been mediocre