No more TV Aerial/Antenna for me

So, I went through the advice of this awesome FTA IPTV section over the last month. I was looking to upgrade from my old CRT TV (and it’s GOTV decoder). I wanted to access TV via the web and completely get rid of TV aerial problems. After a long and informative read, I settled on the following setup:

  1. Got a digital 32" tv (without DVB-T/T2, without RCA/Component connections), 3 HDMI ports, decent HD display at 15k
  2. I have a fairly decent laptop (which fortunately has HDMI out)
  3. My old android phone (infinix) which I rarely use nowadays.
  4. 5-meter HDMI cable. (ksh. 800)

(Clearly, I was looking to save money …and I did).

So, I connected the HDMI one end to TV, other end to Laptop. Then set up dual monitor (laptop + Tv)
I installed - Terrarium, Redbox, Mobdro, YouTube Vanced, on Android phone.
I have a wifi connection from the main android I use.
Android has a “Cast” feature and Windows 10 can recieve the cast as long as the devices are on same WIFI network.
So now I am casting Live tv to the second screen (HDTV) while still working from the main laptop display.

At first, I wanted to buy a Chromecast/Android box, but spending 5k - 8k would not be great for the moment… :D. I almost bought a HDMI GOTV decoder (seeing how world cup is approaching fast, and I was out of options) before reading this forum. Buying a decoder would clearly have been unfortunate as I have learnt from forumers here. I also really wanted to move away from paying monthly for a locked device, which also uses the very unreliable aerial connections. The digital tv reception in my area is really bad and neighbors have been used to seeing me on the roof fixing aerial every time. Now however, I’m receiving HD live tv and there is no sign of an aerial. To me, this is more digital than the so-called “digital” DVB-T2.

I made this thread to thank everyone who has given this information (I can’t really mention the many names). But I picked up the tips from here and achieved this setup.

Could never have had a better access to world cup other than this. Thank you everyone. This sub-forum is THE BEST!!

So now I am casting Live tv to the second screen (HDTV) while still working from the main laptop display.

So how do i do this especially hapo kwa kuwatch on the second screen(TV) While doing some other thing kwa TV

Doing other thing Kwa Laptop you mean. There is a youtube guide you can watch on setting up several monitors from the same laptop. For me, I used the HDMI out cable to create monitor no. 2 (HDTV). You can specify what you want on each display after that. Use “Extend” option from Windows display settings.


Extending the display creates a homogenous screen basically like one large screen. I am actually doing the same in my house. I have an old laptop that I no longer use an i7. Prevent the laptop from sleeping when you close the lid and you can just use it to run windows. Buy a wireless keyboard and mouse to improve the experience.
I am watching a tutorial on how I can take out the motherboard and basically have it independent of the laptop housing. Call it an upgrade on smart tv’s.

Nice. That’s how to use old machines. Laptops are very powerful even when they are old

Hauogopi kuchoma nyumba na hizo connection za mawayas

Yeant laptop thanks anyway let me give it a try unaeza nitumia link ya youtube please

Sounds like you are from the wireless battalion. Hehe…anyway labda nitaupgrade afterwards. Which kind of setup do you have?


Mimi ni msee Wa ANIKO TV i

Nice info.

And that’s the point, smart tv is overrated and a waste of chums. For me it’s a smart home theater and a normal digital set na niko sorted ka Salah.

Great, my laptop doesn’t have HDMI output so i opted for a converter .Works but with some annoying background noises . Have a wireless mouse so am covered remote wise. Anyone with solution for the noise?

Am on Zuku

instead of using two monitors,why not buy big t.v and use it as monitor? Ama it’s just being cost effective?

Doing my K talk as I stream movie but need solution for the back ground noise

Am using one monitor with the laptop shut. With this we can watch movies as family and I still have the flexibility a laptop provides.


I have been doing this for years, problem ni frequent net downtime.