No more prostitutes for me

There is lanye I met in CBD sometimes back nikamdinya vizuri in a CBD lodge.
Sasa Leo dry spell made me call her after I vowed never to fuckk a prostitute again.
She tells me nimkujie Ngara area.Nimeingia one of those buildings nikampata anaishi bedsitter but there were at least other two prostitutes inside.
Manze , the lanye tells me niingie ndani tuanze kudinyana.Namshow siwezi hao ,wengine watoke Kwanza.She refuses kabisa…kiasi kiasi I see another man entering the room , anavua suruali na kuanza kutomba lanye infront of all of us, without CONDOM… Karibu nitapike

tutawaambia mara ngapi muwachane na malaya …self respect maze… a man must posses dignity and self respect …How do you dive deep into anotherr man’s cum? go out there and approach women who are not prostitutes :hint college gals and church gals .approach them ask for their numbers and charm your way into their pants …You will fail with some but you will fuck the majority.Jiheshimu

Unatapika nini badala mjulus yako isimame ukiona wengine wakitombana. Mimi nikiona hiyo huiva mbaya. This means ukona problem

Na vile the lanye he fucked alikuwa scarecrow.Hiv confirmed

That’s why I avoid going to kunguru’s house and opt for outcalls. When a kunguru comes over to your hostel, or hotel room, you actually have total control over the situation because she knows that you have the authority to kick her out akileta ujinga

Why do you guys think that these college girls and church girls can’t be hookers…I met this girl somewhere took her number and started chatting…am the aggressive type so huwa sipotezi time …the girl is like am only after sex…so ikabidi ni restrategise fast forward nikadishi mali and dropped her…so after kitu ka 6 months niko pale dating app nacheki shawty…kum dm na lets hookup dame anakubali…so my thing is treat every lady as a hooker…wrap it before you tap it…

…EXACTLY Thats what men were born to do. To chase a woman they desire, to tame her and make her his. Hata simba hali mizoga.
A prostitute is a woman who has lost it all in life. She’s screwed her life. But mbirrionnaires here go for lanyes yet there are so many good, fine things out there.
When a man buys sex…hata hakuna time ya kale ka feeling ka kuwa lost in “Love, that ka temporary madness”. It is like fucking a dummy… kuingia TU na kumwaga. Thats fucking stupid!!
How do you dive deep into another man’s cum? would love to know…

My advice today to villagers who prefer to hire women…;)…:D:D

Face your fears…Set your eyes to a fine thing. Mchapie kimwanaume…
It will not kill you…but you might discover a new you.:cool::cool:

You see, to experience new things in life…you need to start doing things differently.

Give yourself a chance to be someone’s fool…kiasi tu and change your opinion towards women…Kiasi tu

utarudi tu over and over again

Nimewacha lanye pia mimi

@Yuletapeli let money work for you. Ni dame nitasumbuana na yeye wasting time energy and resources coz I wanna nut and move on ama ni doh nitatafuta?
What you are advising is suitable for a lady that you wanna settle down with

…any woman you date na anakusumbua, it is a pointer that she was not meant for you. You are investing in the wrong woman, and therefore desperately forcing it to happen. Another thing date a woman who loves you and not the one you love……but she should be easy on the eye… This way you will enjoy peace my brother. If you show that you want it badly…[the way some men do…] here we call them simps. She wont find you attractive. She sees desperation in you and shit test you ovyo ovyo…that way utasumbuka…You just need to show how focused in life you are and she definately will fall in her place and treat you ka sultani…provided you instil in her that HUPENDI UJINGA.

Lanye ni short cut and in life there are no cutting corners to anything great for persons who want real fulfilment…i hope am not sounding like @ Truman Capote…
Just be you, and work hard, make money and invest and at the same time be in the company of a woman who respects you and see a sultan in you…this way maisha inakuwa na meaning. I’m sure if you take the risk you will be advicing what am advicing right now…

…meh, that shit sounds hot


:D:D:D:D the things i read in the village

:D:D:D:D the things i read in the village

Those ladies you refer to as college and church girls are the prostitutes…don’t be deluded

:D:D:D:D the things i read in the village

yours is what is known as circular logic ie a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with. …you are deep into prostitutes and you want to twist logic into its head so as to justify your addiction to prostitutes …Utapona tu

Ulienda huko kufanya nini? Maliza shughuli yako uende bora joto la kuma haijalishi ni ya nani. Mbona ununue kuma halafu utarajie utapata girlfriend experience. Tongoza wanawake bana.

Of course there are outliers, you can’t generalize it on one bad experience