No more looking for photo studio

[ATTACH=full]124259[/ATTACH] The Canon Selphy CP1200 Wireless Compact Photo Printer offers creativity in a portable package. Print the way you want, anytime you want by connecting the device to your personal computer, smartphone, memory card or flash disk


Sasa anza utembea pale Emma Accra hotel ujue ni wapi kuna wedding ama funerals. Kitunguu lazima inuke, but you need a generator foirst. I have a Tiger nauza 9K.

hii ni ya domestic na kudanganya makisokorokwinyo vile unawapenda,print a picture of all of them na kuweka kwa frame wakikamia comes with detachable battery for on-the-go

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I might buy such a machine for printing photos. I already have Epson L220 but ina shida ya kuprint thicker-than-normal papers, so I was thinking of upgrading to Epson L850 just coz of the photo printing aspect.
Itabidi niamue soon. How much does this one cost?


I like it.Just like @captain obvious , how much is it going at?

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Wow! I like this…cost?


Waste of time…unless you are those unwanted paparazzi At weddings and funerals. How often do you print out pictures?
The machine may seem cheap for a business but you will find the costs are in buying the paper, replacing ink and hardware maintenance.

If you buy it for personal use, it will be underutilized co you will realise you dont really need hard copies of those very pictures.

did you mean the EpsonL850 or the canon CP1200? the 850 is about 36k but good for multi printing but not commercially though

I meant the canon but thanks for telling me about the l850 too. 36k? Importing or buying from a shop in Kenya? Coz I was told it costs 44k in Luthuli.

i’m old school so i take lots of pics of my kids and travels but barely time to develop them.i keep the adhesive kind of albums not the slot.and i dont do zuckabaga to store my pics.Its just for personal use especially after editing and you want to have a feel of the work.with this i can print pics that i want to cherish.paper is around 1600 for 260 pieces,ink 800 for 300 runs so in the end its a bargain,compare the price of a passport photo…you can print that as well and it’ll cost you barely 20ksh when you calculate against cost

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import.inbox if you are interested

Ni project ya Nov, Dec hapo. Bookmarked lakini, when I’m ready I’ll let you know.

pick Epson, i got an L800; 3yrs down the line it is very okay.

iko mtu anasema si ya commercial i beg to differ


all due respect it is a fine machine with a nice price to boot for commercial purpose but the ink set must be denting your wallet unless you do refills which mess up the heating terminals,but 3 years that’s top notch man.i will look into it

I also take pics in RAW so i have Gbs of them. I rarely print pics, and if i do its coz i really like them. Even then i would rather go to a professional and have them do it. Such a machine would be wasted on people like me.

When you have kids,tech is shiet wataharibu so you just make do with such contraptions.but the prints though…ziko form mbaiya

dent…? hold on man…
i like epson ju inatumia refillable catridges so no mess when refilling. one ink 200ml goes for 150/- Ă— 6ink tanks thats 9soo. since january nimeunda over 40k with that 9soo na ndio niko halfway through halafu uniambie ati inadent wallet? nope

that’s why i never went for canon coz ni expe kumantain na mashida mob

hio apan tambua.ikiharibika nunua ingine,pesa sio maua