No more lanyes for pastors


You’re a bafool :D:D:D:D, Capture this up your ass

Jisas died for this con job?

:D:D.Dry spell itawamaliza,hata Standard wanamock pastors,ati turn to god for bread?Lakini government ijue without those pastors,my fellow peasants are less distracted. We all know the people in power are the real problem

Not really, I believe the people are the problem.
They are far too easily distracted to realize just how much change they can bring about by uniting under a single idea.

I agree,but the people in power can make the system work for everyone’s benefit if they bothered.Anyway,history will repeat itself,that’s for sure

Exactly my point, they will not bother because they lack the necessity to spur on their innovativeness.
They believe themselves to be infallible since they actively engage in misleading the masses.