No more holding on, back to Alcoholism

On the 17th October 2017, I resume drinking. I had held back for 4 weeks. No quitting. Quitters aren’t winners. Ama vipi wadau?
All the lost bottles, stay in place. Freeze for me, my gills await the chill. If staggering is wrong, I will crawl.

…This Now right here is bad, but I digress. Maybe Just maybe muthee @gashwin might be tempted to advice you exactly why he enjoys his cup of tea.

drive right in in the deepend. Enjoy you swim

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sato nilienda pub nikapewa tusker imeanza kuwa ice , TAMU SANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , PRICELESS nilimeza 5 in ten minutes .

Ulioga huko secretariat?

Don’t do it. Your suicide escapades say you are a p.ussy but you talk some sense. I don’t know whether you’re bipolar, schizophrenic or multiple personality chieth but you need to control your s.hit.


ati nguruwe huona mwezi? atī ngūrūwe nīshionaga mweri?

I know the village code but, umbwa hii go tell you baggie mother. Meffi, fuckin vulture hovering around awaiting my death.
Of what benefit is my fixing shit you fuckin dolt?

kuma ya mbuzi jinga hii

17/10 nikuanzia midnight, hold on brother, have something that’s occupying you most of the time to deter you from the bottle. Quitting isn’t for faint hearted. Courage and sacrifice are key

which is it ?

The condescending demeanor you display is evidence enough that you live a rosy life. Help yourself up your high assholes’ tower and while at it, ignore me.

siku hizi lasima nikue fresh juu ya press conferences na interviews on different tv stations

Boss, push it forward, one more week.

Walikutoa kwa engineering wakukuleta HR? Good move, I like that company.

…Zinaitwa presser siku hizi, enjoy it while it lasts.

You probably need to look at alcohol as an avenue to laugh at yourself. Realise how little you understand the world. If you drink to laugh at the world, it will have the last laugh. Kunyua kidogo, ongeza maji, kesho pia ni siku.

naona nitolewa kama Magerer Langat

Better still, if you have issues with phombe enda AA meetings, utaelezwa hujui.