No matter what Baba will always be my hero and my president

In the Bible there is the story of how our Lord Jesus got crucified. The Pharisees, Saducees and the Sanhedrin basically the religious rulers felt that Jesus was becoming too powerful because of course if He was raising the dead and healing those who touched the hem of His garment, He was more popular than the religious leaders.

So they went to the oppressive Roman political leaders who the Jews were under and lied that Jesus was inciting the Jews against the government.

Long story short since the government leaders could not find Jesus at fault, the same Jews who saw Jesus resurrect the dead, instigated by their religious leaders now demanded that Barnabus a thief who was to be crucified be released and Jesus take his place and that my frens is how Jesus who was a sinless, perfect Man who did nothing but heal, resurrect, cast out demons and love the Jews ended up being crucified between two thieves.

So the nature of human beings is very strange. If you think Baba has suffered because of what he’s done for this country and the fact that a section of leaders including religious leaders and the population consistently support very bad leaders over Baba just out of some hatred which they can not logically explain to you. I am around UDA supporters who are very angry because Azimio has refused to accept and I have been quiet but I asked one why are you so bitter with Baba, why do you hate, what is this that he has done that is so wrong he did because for sure I’ve never Baba has killed someone. I was like I’m the one who should be angry not you but it’s you who is very angry. I don’t understand and for sure they could not explain. They were like he’s arrogant and anatusi watu, I was like that’s all? Do you want us to sit down I give you why I don’t like and why I will never vote for him and accept him as my president ever? I can give you tangible reasons besides how arrogant he is and anatusi watu.

So as I was saying Baba has not suffered anything, compared to what God has been through with the Jews, for those who like me feel like Baba done so much for Kenya but some people just hate him and will choose a Barabus a thief who deserves to be executed over him. Go read your Bible and see the things God did for the Jews especially in Egypt and how at the first opportunity they betrayed Him and turned back their hearts on their enemies. After 430 years of slavery, after God delivered them they started saying that they wish they were back in Egypt eating garlic or something trivial like that.

So if God is still facing this kind of rejection after all He’s done, don’t expect anything different for anyone who is of noble character and ideals and is a reformist, who is at war with evil because of course Jesus was fighting evil to have a different experience. It is completely normal.

I remember pleading with some one in 2013 that UhuRuto has no tangible good record so don’t vote for them and they said I don’t care I am voting for them. Sasa when things fell apart as I knew they would the same person could not stop complaining about the people they voted for and defended vehemently. I asked them were you not the same person who was a die hard follower of this person, Sema denying like Peter denied Jesus. I could have glotted and said I told you so but I was just sad and I didn’t see anything to celebrate because we are in the same ditch regardless of who was supporting them and who wasn’t. You can’t go to a funeral and say I told this person to stop drinking it will one day kill him. You still feel sad that you saw death coming, you warned him and he still died anyway. Its painful. You will not find strength to say look, didn’t I tell you.

For me whatever happens I will still love Baba, he’s still the best thing that ever happened to this country. One day by the rivers of Babylon, we will remember a Zion that could have been ours, that was once within our reach but we took it for granted and weep. All of us whether we supported Baba or didn’t.

I love you Baba. Always have always will. No matter what. You are my hero and you are my president and have always been and will always be even after you are no more with us, you will always have a special place in my heart. God love you. God give you longer life. God protect you. God comfort you. God reward you for all you have done for the love of your country and your people. You are just amazing.

As for the other guy, I can never be on the side of evil because I am a Christian. I may live in captivity in Babylon among idol worshippers for 70 years but like Daniel I know the truth and won’t be seduced by the King’s meat. I will still dream of my people being liberated and pray that before I leave the earth I will see that day.

If a miracle happens and Ruto does not live down to my expectations I will be the happiest person but as at now I have less than zero faith in that guy and I have blocked him from my mind and heart. I will not be bothered with what he’s doing. If I come across him on TV or newspapers I skip the way I skip the horoscope because I don’t want to focus on how my beloved country is being torn apart by hyenas. I am a Christian and I believe in paradise after death so I have something to look forward to. I don’t have to focus on how bad things are because I am not here for ever. So I will not tell you I told you saw. I will just block everything. When you start complaining I will walk away. I won’t offer you comraderie, as a believer, suffering is part of life, so I will just carry my cross knowing that my reward is in heaven, don’t come to me to complain about how life has become hard because you ignored the reality and opened the door to the devil. Kila mtu abebe msalaba no looking for sympathy please. Staki kuskia juu ya loans za China. I did not vote for UhuRuto, you are the one who should be comforting me for helping us get into the mess we are in. Tugo pamocha my frens? Have a blessed day and team Azimio tujipee moyo. I believe most of us ni watu wa Moi era so we have the shock absorbers and survival strategies for what lies ahead in the event that the Supreme Court does not rule in our favour. Inawezekana ku survive utawala wa kiimla, uporaji wa mali ya umma na uchumi ambao umeharibika na kuanguka. We did it for 24 years during Moi error, we can do it now. We are hardcore and by God’s grace we will survive.



Stopped at raising the dead