No audio from samsung A5

hello fellow tech guys,i rooted a friend’s phone awhile ago and made some few mods,everything has been alright until leo,it has lost audio to media players ,it can play on loud speakers but no audio is coming from them,what could be the problem and possible solution?
PS:the radio works okay with earphones inserted so ruled out earphone jack malfunction .

what about ringing tones are they audible

Jibu vile umeulizwa hapa kwanza.

yea its ringing,shida ni apo kwa audio ama video player apps hakuna audio

reset ama change music app…

i have tried all music and videoplayer apps i consider best lakini the out put is same…

Kama ni Lollipop ama Mashmallow pengine Media volume iko low. Ensure all volumes ziko high

Pia another option kana volume iko low ni kutumia Kernel Auditor(get it from playstore) to increase the volume



Hope those help

io kernel editor,does it require root access?


Use Mtk engineering mode enda kwa hardware testing then audio and increase those values . default volume huwa 112 but you can increase upto 160. if that doesn’t help tupa hiyo simu

thanks acha nitry alafu al give u feedback

i thought mtk engineerig works only for mtk devices?

kwani umepiga screenshot na tv zinajaa kwa screen mzima ya lapi

Simu iko na resolution ya 1080*1920 what do you expect?