No additional words needed...just that

You are a pervert. Men don’t strip a
woman naked in the streets because
she is indecent. They strip her
because they want to see her
It is not because of morals. Those
same men are not saints. They are
probably cheating on their women.
They have their sins.
They are cowards who rely on the
cheering of other perverts to get the
courage to rip a woman’s clothes off.
No, it is not about decency. Men
walk the same streets in tight
trousers that outline their manhood.
Men sag trousers till their butt-
cracks are seen. They are never
Men of Nairobi, you have no right to
strip women naked" ~ Abigail Arunga

Kelele za chura.

pliiizzz victor spare me thats tha last thing i want to hear from u

lol victor akili yako imeoza