so kenyans are now taking this whole advertising and joking using accents to a whole nother level…its now just tired.Luos have always had a very funny accent but lately every advert i hear on the radio or see on the tv are made in a luo accent and its just too much…kuanzia ya bamba yenye nick odhiambo is single handedly selling for the radio africa group.to the retirement benefits one yenye fisherman anasave 20kshs among others ,The latter is funny i have to admit.But kama sasa hii ya bamba tv mjaluo mgani atanunua kitu cheap kama iyo,first of all mjaluo ako na flatscreen kwa hao kitu anaeza buy tu ni dstv premiun na sio bamba tv…wangeifanya na accent ya kisapere ingekuwa more realistic juu those people are misers na hao watarukia chance kama hiyo.
Another thing is this whole churchill live vibe were every community has a comedian front…mwenye anawakilisha watu wao na kila wiki anakuja na tribes za kufurahisha watu wao.Some of the driest jokes i have ever had in my life.
this just comes to show the basic nature of kenyan media and advertisers,always backward with no intention of ever evolving.


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unataka aje?!


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Pisses me off too…kwanza zile mangombe zilikua zinaongea juu ya maziwa…karibu nivunje flatscreen yangu.

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wacha niulize @Viv na @vivian hii story

umefungua mdomo ivi ndio usuck dick ama?? lol

nimefungua ni suck lol

That shows how those people in the marketing industry are creative

usiwai fungulia mwanaume mdomo hivi …,juu ya hiyo story …,chukua DOYA award yako


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That same old school of thought has been there since forever we need new ideas,new jokes

Why critisize everything when you cannot come up with a better idea and present it to those advertizers ama hata hiyo shashil show

look its a too much of something situation

Fatboy using Mbugua n the previous Kamba guy for Faiba. Afadhali for safcom Masgwembe hawajuweka tribal

Si lazima uwatch local channels

There those that are being targeted. Not necessarily you. If you were the owner of the milk you would be smiling all the way to the back because of the advert. You would love it. The point of advertisement is that you can always remember what was being advertised. at least in the subconscious. Why do you think everyone is buying Hannan tissue these days despite the stupid ad?

When you walk into the supermarket, that hannan tissue, molo milk, harpic, omo, or whatever other thing is always on advert looks familiar even if you have never used it. You wont even remember where you saw it, it just looks familiar, and consindering human nature, you stay in the familiar territory and put that item into your basket. Advertisements are not meant to be pleasant, just remotely memorable and suggestive. There is a whole science behind ads. This includes brightness of your television screen, its refresh rate/flicker rate, colors that you naturally respond to, your religion, your ego, your ideal world or character(superego), your hopes and aspirations, etc, all cooked into an advert.

Adverts are not necessarily merry. Picture this: an advert will be made to mock a certain aspect of your lifestyle eg driving a prius or paying rent. After several views of the advert, you are not proud of your lifestyle in regard to your car or the tenant situation. If this advert was associated with a bank, say Consolidated, Equity, etc, your first refuge from the subconscious depression will be this bank. You soon will find yourself in the loan and mortgages salesperson office at the bank. And you will think that you made an independent decision to get a loan/mortgage and to go to this bank. The truth is that the advert is working on you without your knowledge even after depressing your ass.


spoken like a true elder. nailed it!