Njoroge Mungais first wife leaves her polygamous husband

Punda wives wamechoka with men are polygamous narrative. Madam foreman, Betty the builder ladies learn from her story. Jijenge bcz you can never lose you and you will never leave yourself for another woman. Invest in yourself and noone else. Pole mom God will see you through. Baraka soon coming your way.

Marriage si mchezo…



How much is an FM station license. Everyone is getting it, I guess I should too

Asante sana Truman caput, this was very vital and important news


I watched this part 2 and she didn’t say what actually happened for her to walk out of that marriage despite being pressurised by @Muthonixo
I think that guy may have impregnated someone who was very close to her.
Probably her long serving @Mboch

umeffi. most likely pesa imeisha

As a man who has this planteshen thing on lock…i always say the first wife who put up with you thru thick and thin and bought you your first boxer upgrading you from underwears should be revered and treated like a queen izi zingine ni upus… Kuma Mpya isifanye ukosee kuma mzee heshima


Ati pesa imeisha…?
Are you serious?
Muigai is probably the most sought after gospel musician in the secular world.
He performs every other weekend in popular joints within the country.
For a gig he can charge as high as 100k.

He doesn’t drink but is always with drunkards…so he compensates for this with women. Lots of women.

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I hear that he has kids all over the place

umaraya is a money pit, it’s worse than akoho.


He also has a pub in Kahawa West next to Jacaranda called Heroes Corner Grill. Hako ka dwarf kana pesa kama ghasia. Lakini pesa kwa wanawake wanaweza tafuna iishe haraka sana hata kama ni bilioni kadhaa. Ukiongeza kuzaa zaa nao… ole wako
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The dossier I have on this short faka can complete a best selling novel, only changing his name and stature

  1. This guy has eaten poverty for sure, he has lived in Kiambu for eternity. They were the first converters of Ngonya Wa Gakonya Thaai Thathaiya Ngai sect. I have heard him saying Ngai ni Mwega Jesu Gitari ho where Posta Kiambu stands where they used to converge every Sunday. He used to stay in a mabati shack in Mathare slum near Kiambu town which he used to struggle paying. He started singing as a side hustle selling cassettes in pubs. Breakthrough came in when he sang Kimiiri which sold well and was used as an Hiv campaign song. Lucy Kibaki invited him to state house where he was rewarded handsomely. From there his music mojo gained traction and he started a studio on Kirinyaga Road
  2. Midget moved from slum to a two bedroom house in Kiambu town and a Prado to boast. He started eyeing a neighbours wife whom he used to chew when husband was not around at her house.Neighbour was informed of the relationship, pretended to leave on job, left caretaker to spy on him , came back later when they were in the deed. Mahns took the wife back to her parents plus the kids and moved from Nairobi
  3. Short man now fame got to his head, decided to go to low lying fruits and who this this time, the sister in law who they used to live with. He impregnated her, she was taken back to the in laws village to hide the shame . They separated for a while but the nigha was still churning hits so the wife had to eat humble pie come back to her matrimonial home
  4. The midget he goat built an apartment in Kiambu town topping up with bank loan. He had a reserved one bedroom man cave slaughter house. Here he chewed anything with a skirt and walking. Bank came calling, he had to sell it at a throw away price. The one who purchased it redid the design and is one of the most beautiful looking apartment in the town. Can provide pics of the same
  5. Uhuru came calling, he kulad campaign money like fuakin wakiwa na Shiro Gp. He then jumped him with lootall and from there things went downhill. Scandals became his second name, he married the second wife who’s a village calico as exhibited by her recent posts chiding Njeri the first wife on social media posts.
    Mnapenda udaku sana if you read all these funda nyinyi ingieni Tuko.co.ke

Short men are toxic. They are always trying to prove a point. Wako na inferiority complex and they behave like jeolous children.


Lol…ati he doesn’t drink, haikosangi homeland pale Kwa pool na beer zake