Njoki Chege Vs TeamSubaru

Njoki chege has hit out at TeamSubaru guys, terming them as immature boys.I must agree with her on this one, this is what she said:

But the unfortunate thing I have come to realise is that the young men I am supposed to date are far from being men. They are boys. Tall boys with blue Subaru Imprezzas who drink cheap liquor on weekday nights and show up to their workplaces the next morning hangovered, smelling like a brewery.

Fuck njoki chege.just another person looking for attention.

wacheni kucatch feelings ovyo…kila nyani na starehe zake…

Ako down.

patto unakazana ako down ww msupa wako anakaa aje

[ATTACH=full]292[/ATTACH] sema kupatikana this happens to be njoki chege hahah n the drama continues