Njogu Ini

Had loads of codeine lately …just as much to drown all shit

Like u know when u flushing and kumbe the cistern water wasnt enough to drown your shit?

Yeah, the opposite.

So today i just didnt feel the danger, and drove slow through river road …popping once in a while to some pubs …and if they are full an arab cant populate them

Some just feel like getting mugged

Made some good chokosh buddies bydway… No side mirror gone by’d’way

So i am just snailing …and i suddenly see some ‘Njogu Ini hotel’

Haiya, kumbe this place is real???

The noise too loud, so i hesitate to ask if wanauza beer and i am answered in the affirmative.

So i popped in

Sitted in

The bar maid too raunchy with her dancing for a bar maid, angesimama tu hapo inje angoje clients


Bingwa Unanyonya whiskey? HARAAAAM! @mayekeke @Notapeoplesguy kujeni na Sheikh baaaaaaana…

Mlikuwa na yule talker wa mashakura

Nimetoka niko beirut


hii mdomo kubwa ndio maana unamangiwa bibi

xaxa umbwa bingwa

nope. Met only 1 talker (lady) …like to keep her special. Never meetin anaa\


moondu nitafira your aunty na joy stick

Every month since the ban nimekuwa arrested atleast twice.

Kaffir, kaffir, kaffir!

Njogu inn 'but kikuyus will be kikuyus wakaongezea" njogu ine"

Wewe Chenye unaeza kamua ni lifebuoy na ngamia…

Such a lowlife

Na wasisahau ustadh