huku kina @Jimit na @Agwambo hawawezi tumia akili. wanasema 70% of kenyans reject BBI, the remaining 10% are not sure, 30% who support it are the njaruos


Government and opposition are in bed, what did you expect? Wacha pia utaona central counties zikipitisha ndio utawacha kulaumu kabila moja.

Luo nyanza should hold on pia county zingine zipitishe…

Hii kitu is being done in stages.For now it’s county assemblies and legal matters of the court.Wananchi watulie hapo inje Kwanza.

Hii kitu ile hesabu imefanyiwa ni noma.

Just like you had said Trump alikua amejipanga to serve 8yrs eh?

with the car grant bribe, expect most MCAs to pass this. Lakini kwa debe, ground is different

what’s your sample size ?

kizee, hii kitu inapita.

Baba cows are outdoing themselves in passing BBI chieth. I am also sure Central Kenya MCAs will pass it but purely for monetary gain. Kalenjin counties will refuse entirely to ratify the bill.

You think MCAs in Nyanza are not passing it for monetary gains?

You can answer yourself