@ Njamba Huthu Cc:Admin

First i;m very glad to finally join the old Village listers here. kusemako tu ukweli niliwa miss sana. @ Njamba huthu, it is with great shock that i have come to learn you are using my real photo as your avatar. Tafadhali wacha hio tabia kapisa. Is Muchatha in this new Village/?
@admin, is it ok to share Nudies here?

Karibu jakipii, anika matako hapa. Lakini si za wanaume kuna mashoga wengi hapa kama…

Hi inakaa @Prof.Jakihii waiganjo… Na hiyo avatar utoe uweke VIP section. @Administration tafasalini angalieni Huu maneno…

Welcome Jakipii. mwenzako jakenya ako wapi? n just because u a new villager doesn’t mean it’s a new village.

MC Donald,
For: Admin

karibu lakini usilete upus ya klost

@Prof.Jakihii karibu, @Njamba Huthu changes his avatar like every day. Nudes can be posted in VIP section bora isiwe too much.


With baited breath the Village waits for your grand entry…

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proff jakihii huku hakuna deactivation…
leta dry fry friday…
Feminine pictures

Karibu @Prof.Jakipii leta maneno sasa

Tumengoja sana bwana


@Prof.Jakihii Hapa unakuja mdogo mdogo… You start from new villager like every idiot and work your way up… Hiyo ujinga ya nudes unapeleka VIP (Whatever it means coz I have never visited) all the same welcome to this new village… Though I know your deleted avatar has deflated your big than nudes ego… Things have turned here… And someone always made a point of reminding me. ( forgot the name) all the best but hoping you are not from the fap/wanking/ porn generation…

What do you think of this avatar?
I am here thinking its cool.

http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?attachments/village_idiot-png.4266/Elin, its a grea Avatar tha best describes you. You sound like a sissy!