Niyoga, what is....

Niyoga (Sanskrit: नियोग) is an ancient Hindu tradition, in which a woman (whose husband is either incapable of fatherhood or has died without having a child) would request and appoint a person for helping her bear a child. According to this Hindu tradition the man who was appointed must be or would most likely be a revered person. There were various clauses associated with this process, as follows:

The woman would agree to this only for the sake of rightfully having a child and not for pleasure.[1]
The child, thus born would be considered the child of the husband-wife and not that of the appointed man.
The appointed man would not seek any paternal relationship or attachment to this child in the future.
To avoid misuse, a man was allowed a maximum of three times in his lifetime to be appointed in such a way.
The act will be seen as that of Dharma and while doing so, the man and the wife will have only Dharma in their mind and not passion nor lust. The man will do it as a help to the woman in the name of God, whereas the woman will accept it only to bear the child for herself and her husband.
In niyoga, the bodies were to be covered with ghee (so that lust may not take root in the minds of the participants but the actual act may take place for conception).

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Kuna maneno dunia. I find Indians to be real kidogo. It’s business for them with no emotional attachments. Sisi Africans would end up blaming the woman and sometimes 50% of being infertile is men’s problem not women all the time .

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What i find interesting are the guidelines given. I have a feelingour women are practicing a different version of Niyoga.
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This also happened in African societies… Barren women marrying another woman who was free to kugawa gawa and the children born were considered as kids of the barren woman.

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Even kikuyus have a similar arrangement.

Even Boranas had such situationships.

Is it true that kikuyus did not believe in fathering all their kids, for purposes of genetic diversification.

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EVERY African community had solutions for such problems. Blame colonialism for making us (not me, majority) believe our culture is inferior.

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It was meant for if a person bewitched the entire family not all could be affected since one kind is from a different father

Even in the Kamba community.

it’s the women who secretly have another man to be the father. hako katoi kanaitwa kanyuri.