@Nititini 500K can get you this negotiable a friend is disposing it

2001 Red Golf GTI MK4 1800 cc,5 speed manual 20 valve turbo

Full Black Heated leather Interior

New front shocks,Heated leather seats,Service records available
Sony system with USB, equalizer, amplifier and sub Electric windows, alarm.

Genuine mileage: 162,000kms

Originally bought from CMC Kenya.

Price: KES 500,000 reasonably negotiable

[ATTACH=full]1342[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1343[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1344[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1345[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1346[/ATTACH]

eish bana, kwani beshte ni mkulima wa mihogo?

hehe kwanini

[ATTACH=full]1352[/ATTACH] @Ice_Cube, Thank you soo much for your concern. I already bought the premio @ 420K. Its in superb condition. Noo oil leaks, never been funguliwa engine, accident free, both interior and exterior are great. I can say i made a good decision.


@Ice_Cube hio Golf interior yake imechapa.

nice car @Niititini it looks clean enough anyway gari vile mtu hulinda. @mayekeke kusema ukweli ndani imechapa lakini even looking at the paint job, haikai kulindwa vizuri sana, hii ya NIITITINI may have a larger mileage @220km but inakaa mwenyewe aliipenda

Hiyo at best ni 250-300

Thats a nice one although pricey for 2015

@Ingia, believe u me, it’s worth that price. By the way Insurance broker valued it at 520K.

Price depends on where the owner wants to peg it. Lakini hiyo pesa itakununulia a premio like the one above, a very well maintained toyota 110, a mazda demio KBT and upwards. Its just not in that class. Achana na insurance brokers. I remember My friend and I buying a toyota 1.8L for 650 and the motherfuckers valuing it at 1m and being adamant.

iyo golf n bei kali sana… leather seats zime.expand sana na engine imejaa uchafu sana…