hi guys whats your opinion on nissan tiida would you reccomend want to buy used

No way … don’t dare … I always assume that car looks so fragile …

Tiida hau - Greek for shinda hapo.


very fragile. all small Nissan cars are. come to think of it enda kwa road and try and count how many KBA-KBD nissans you will see. but you will see many toyotas the likes of 100,110,NZE. am an owner of a nissan and i can advice him that kama ni ya kwenda job and back home and some light duty errands and also he keeps track of the maintance schedule strictly then its ok to get a TIIDA. but kama ni wale wa kuweka spare parts imbo za 3k. na is rough on the road then that TIIDA will not last two years. akili yangu ndogo imefikisha mawaidhaa hapo.

buy nissan advan. or a used vw polo/golf

Woi wachaaaa kabisa

tell 'em

I’ve always avoided Nissan coz of suspension issues, its not a car for off-road and the spares are very very expensive…lakini kama wewe ni mhindi ama ni born town mwenye ushagu ni main house ya extension yenye unaishi, nunua

Woooiiii!!! Apana malisa kijana ya wenyewe na VW golf/ polo ,wacha acheze lanes za tiida,runx ,impreza etc

Don’t buy a tiida chief. Buy an axio or bluebird,

thanks i also won nissan sunny for the last three years and have never had any major issue if you observe service timelines.

would you prefer NOTE?

whats the diffrence?

How is bluebird??

Bluebird is great and quite popular. Have had no issues so far

It’s not an easy one to maintain in my opinion. Same as axio, simple models would be better, probably Nissan note, Toyota fact is and all. Regardless of make, it all comes back to how you handle the machines. If you’re the stingy type, you can’t manage a car and have it in good condition. Service and timely repairs are paramount .

umekaa nayo for how long?? competitor yake ni gani?? Is it good for starters??(gari ya kwanza)Nilikua naiogopa juu ya vile inauzwa pesa kidogo nikilinganisha na akina premio, allion, filder axio etc.

i agree thanks let me try this tiida i have used note before and it didst disappoint from mileage 95 to 189 but was in good condition when i was selling

3 years now, next best in that category is allion and axio