Nissan Patrol vs Porsche....

Noma haikai noma…


You do realize it was tuned up right … unless you dint watch the whole episode

:smiley: the other sports car is tuned by default from the factory, plus if you consider the weight and aero design its very interesting - its like tuning eliud kip to out sprint uasin bolt :smiley:

Yeah true but still if you tuned it more that the factory car wldnt it not outperform it

the point is that, the sports car is already tuned, that is the design from ground up, from the paper to actualization its supposed to be fast.

and the Lambo wasn’t?

Unfortunately I’ve not watched the said episode yet, when I first saw the video, I thought the Patrol had to have been tuned up.


Which no one is disputing …watch the episode maybe you will get the whole other point

Yeah had about 1000 horse power

Hiyo engine ya nissan haiezi pewa warranty. Lazma ufanyie service after every track event. And it will blow in a short time anyway.

:smiley: sawa

Yep it’s not a road car, one drag race inarudi garage. Watch hapa

that was a Nissan GTR in a patrol body. it was tuned to 1900 horsepower. The Porsche had no chance with that HP

Body pekee ndio ya Patrol. the rest ni GTR parts. The engine was Tuned by Nissan themselves to produce 1900 horsepower. Porsche with its 800 horsepower would have not had a chance of winning even if you consider shit like aerodynamics and weight

sawa, I completely agree with you, with that kind of power the sports car had no chance - lakini hizi gtr parts ni gani, I can imagine the kind of performace that gtr has in its sports car body, sorry nimesahau, aerodynamics na weight ni shit :smiley: (just kidding)

gtr si mchezo; gari tamu sana. lakini kumbuka 2-3 years ago, tt kiamburring, amg ikakutana na gtr head on. gtr smashed to pieces, amg survived-(ish) (and -ish is being generoous juu it was also totaled). gtr dere dead on the spot, amg driver coma 3 months then poof. kaput.

that car is no joke. i ran with one mombasa road one night na ilikuwa ni kama niko kwa baisikeli. 3.8, v6, twin turbo…

Drag races are fun, but in real life there are corners…