Nissan NP300 expose

Nissan variant manufactured for Africa is substandard

We’re dumping ground and that irks mate


We should start importing uropian cars.

Government doesn’t care about it’s citizens,why should car manufacturer s care?

Too bad although Nissan usually scores below average on safety

Only @T.Vercetti likes Nissan. The rest of us know how useless they’ve become. By the way are they still trying to jail that Lebanese ex C.E.O.? What a thuggish company.


Kuna gari imeua watu hii dunia kama Toyota hilux pickup na the older and bigger sister yake the infamous prado?

Hilux na prado hutegwa na maganda ya ndizi ina piga soma.

In fact if you were to spit in front of a speeding prado itaslip on tha saliva na ipige sommersault due to instability.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Toyota makes the most unstable vehicles in automotive history. Cc @Simiyu22 the other toyota lover.[/SIZE]


Toyota Rav 4 similarly pathetic on the moose test.

Wow. You learn so much in this village

That Hilux is pathetic

And the way I was pedestalizing the Nissan patrol

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