Nissan Note, CVT gear box issues

The vehicle started with slight delays after the reverse gear has been engaged. This later progressed to the vehicle jerking after the slight sluggishness in response. However, once engaged all is well and the vehicle performs just fine. On checking this with the mech, his recommendation was that the transmission fluid was low and it required a refill. With the refill, things seem to get worse by day to the extent where the reverse gear now fails to engage completely or problematic to engage.
A few pointers- no dashboard light, no whining noise.
Has anyone had a similar experience with the CVT? How did you go about it? Is there a comeback on this gear box or should the owner be prepared to replace it?

Hope u used the right fluid hapa. Seems to be a possible cause

Reverse not engaging or delaying to engage is the first sign of gearbox death…

Most probably trying the right CVTF first would help solve the problem ,it will cost less than 10k compared to replacing the whole unit.

Just checked with the owner. Actually, the right cvtf was used as per manufacturers instructions.

Nissan Note is SHIT! hio ndio gari the wife uses but mehn! Last I drove it to wetsern, na urefu yangu by the time nafika Nakuru I couldn’t Stand straight…I was Angry the whole journey coz kakitu hakana ngufu! unapitwa FwaaaaaH!! na kila kitu inngine kwa njia

kama hakuna leak gearbox inakufa.

It had a leakage, then it was fixed. Do you know of a good mech who can help check it out?

If u have the solution state it!!! Its not always about u

Convince @shosh akuje Kwangu na nitakusaidia kwa hiyo shida yako ya gari

If you’ve changed the ATF to no improvement, have the whole gearbox rebuilt, any mechanical damage should be visible. Electrical damages are hard to diagnose, my demio had an almost similar problem, it had the hold light on and gear was jerking, I changed the shift solenoids. The previous owner had it running on wrong atf, hope this helps

Gearbox za automatic hazinaga repair.
Ukiwaka ATF mob, converter inaweza fail kuchapa mafuta na ikifail sometimes utaona gari iko na shida ya ama inachelewa kupick.

where was the leakage? at the drive shaft(built-in differential) or at the bell housing?

I would get rid of the car. The CVT is new technology and this technology has not been perfected yet. Just look at some U.S forums and see how many Americans complain constantly about this transmission. Some have been through 2 or three CVTs in like 4 years.
My friend, CVT transmissions are still buggy things. Same as when an automatic transmission was first introduced to cars. They were unreliable but have been perfected over the years and are very reliable now.