Nissan Juke

I have been a secret admirer of this machine for a while now. Contrary to many observers, I actually find it good looking, price is also fantastic for a SUV/crossover. Thinking of selling my jalopy to get it. Who owns it or at least have a first hand information about this machine

Reke juke

i have no time for gossip

Join the chura club where croaking is the name of the game

Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson hate it

Ni gari fiti lakini suv sahau. Nissan tiida ndefu tu.

Frog club ndio mnapenda.

I hear there is a Nissan juke owners association.

Probably constituted of low IQ bonobos just like Probox owners association


and Toyota owners

Toyota has sold around 300 million vehicles. And since 2012 has been doing more than 10 million cars a year… They’re clearly doing something right.

Na watu wa bajaj owners association wako na IQ gani?

Bentley and Ferrari’s sell lesser number of cars …clearly they doing it wrong


Underpowered 1.5l engine on that big car with a junky CVT gearbox. Hiyo haiwezi last

nunua toyota passo machungu yaishe.


Someone I love bought one. I think there is something about that little fakka.

It’s actually a good car. Get the 2 liter engine and enjoy. Just make sure you get a good mechanic to do a thorough check before ununue

That car was voted as one of the ugly cars around. What were the engineers thinking when they designed such a car? Chura!!!

Laughs in CVT gearbox …