Nissan bluebird sylphy 1998cc

Why must people buy premio. This thing is well specd. Parking sensors all round, decent factory audio, smooth, relatively quiet, its heavy quiet inside, roomy. Very roomy its made my w204 look like a baby car,

dont ask me about maintenance. I dont knw. Its alittle bit heavy on fuel in town driving. 8.7 km a litre but in the highway could go as high as 15km/l[ATTACH=full]278798[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278799[/ATTACH]

Yangu iko na miaka nne honestly it’s not all that… its an ok car .

Premio ni 1800 cc, hii ni 2000cc

The thing ages very fast. A typical weakness with Nissan cars. I have a friend who bought one some three years ago but it is not lovely to look at right now. Premio is still ahead in most aspects.

Thats 2000cc, na ni nissan? in Kenya?. NO.

shida ya nissan ni eti it does not age with grace. ikizeeka iko na aibu

Nissan ni bure kabisa,tafuta jamaa anaitwa Scotty Kilmer pale YouTube and listen to his review of Nissan.

Aging and maintenance is everything for a car and it doesn’t make sense to buy new one after every few years unless uko sawa mfuko, like Range rover is a rolling money pit. if you want day to day car use tafuta Toyota

All i can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is how kimani wa garaji will be laughing all the way to the bank kwanza hiyo gari ikugeze tuu rough road, ni luwere enda tuu nunua the car in front is always

True scotty is always ragging on Nissans esp the gearing , So far Nissan has served me well, but I dont skip on maintenance, but there is a class action law suit on a couple Nissans due to the same gear issues (Nissans (Notes / Sentra/Sylphy/) manufactured between 2013 and 2017. )

My neighbor has one, I think it’s quite the looker, it’s cheaper than the premio/alliion duo, the car is comfortable too and drives smoothly, the only gripe I have is that it’s a KCG na dashboard ishaanza kuchipuka na “kufurafura” at some points

He is a youtuber… hes got make money

Park under a shed… i have seen allions and axios with rippled dashes

Yeaa what?

Ve seen people still running their b15s peacefuly. Do you knw the reputation that car has

Give two people same car the same day. Come after two years they will have aged differently. Its comes down to how we treat our cars. Why do wahindi have very clean toyota 110. Its just how you treat a car

kwanza wingroad mzee, huwa siangalli mara mbili

What a poor fuel economy. For a 2000cc to average 8.7km/l is poor kwani ni v8

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these are real life figures… achana na manufactures figures