Nissan Altima Finally Passes Passenger Cage Crash Test. Nissan Now Seems As Safe As Swedish Cars. SAAB, Volvo Are The The Top 2 Safest Vehicles

Looking at the photo, it’s hard to imagine how there was any survivable space in this car. In an accident Tuesday morning on the Skagit River bridge in Mount Vernon, Wash., north of Seattle, a tractor-trailer struck this car from behind, then climbed up over it. The 46-year-old woman driving the car not only survived this ordeal, [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]she received only minor injuries.

But the wreck was even more brutal than it appears. Washington State Patrol troopers told The Seattle Times that the woman’s car was following a semi that slowed down for traffic. She slowed down as well — then the truck behind her plowed into her car, shoved it into the back of the first truck, and folded the back of the car up over and onto itself. With the truck on top it.


Na wewe ndio husema hakuna Mungu.

This is God helping you , like literally coming through for you like a hero,banae aiiii!!!

Nilesema hapa juzi na nitarudia gari kama si VOLVO then unaendesha mkebe