You all know the powers of the mighty spy agency in Eastern and Central Africa ,NIS.
I fondly remember legendary stories of the great spymaster Kanyotu ,RIP and how Gichangi helped Pres. Kibaki tilt 2007 elections.
What happened in the supreme court was a shame to NIS , it should have infiltrated the supreme court and have secret dossiers on the supreme court judges that would have acted as a bargaining chip before the ruling.
I hold the view President Uhuru was EMBARRASSED by the supreme court ruling and the Great NIS let it happen under their watch.
NIS should have saved the country the need of another costly election ,putting the country in suspense simply because of they couldn’t infiltrate and influence the supreme court.
As you relax tonight ,just as yourself WHAT would have The Legendary SPYMASTER KANYOTU done ?
If Supreme court validated Pres. Uhuru’s win there wouldn’t have been anything ugly or serious that would have happened. Odinga would have been sent to Bondo permanently and the opposition permanently dented.

These are my personal opinion, I’m still waiting for a job from NIS hata kama ni a sweeper position. haha


you don’t know what you are talking about nenda kalale.


NIS won’t hire you if you come to discuss their modus operandi in a public forum, more so their hand in election matters.

That story line will make a great hekaya

We won’t be going for another stupid election if our spies did their work well, its costly. Intl observers gave the election a clean bill of health…ingekuwa riots a few days and life back to normal. Uhuru won with a big margin , whatever anomalies won’t have lessen the gap that much BTW him and raila

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this is my personal opinion .

Actually, NIS did some work, just not enough. They discovered Musando’s plan as a NASA mole, the presence of a chip in his hands that could be used to interfere with the transmission process and enable NASA to rig the elections. That is why his hands were chopped off, in case you dont know. Musando didn’t die an innocent man. NIS killed him after they discovered his role in rigging the election in favor or NASA.

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Legendary Kanyotu , I wish guys would give more hekayas more on his life , I admire him and Gichangi a lot…they shaped our history

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This guy makes sense jubilee entire administration team has been napping.Somethings don’t just happen when some of vital bodies are at work.Out of their incompetency the president end up getting drunk n insulting everyonre


President Uhuru is a nice guy but his foot soldiers let him down.

NIS has performed well so far, it’s just that one miscalculation. The assumption was that the worst Maraga could do is order a recount or retally. I’m confident they’ll correct that issue.

Maraga is now playing the role Ochuka played in 82 and their judicial coup plot has been discovered and will be thwarted on October 17th.


thank you for thinking out of the box

So you feel you can prove you can keep secrets by sharing here. Kweli ujinga in kipawa.


ulikuwa unataka niweke opinion piece kwa gazeti??

Hii kitu ilipangwa zamani. Once the SC justices were sworn it was just a matter of waiting for the elections, playing the victim card so as not to raise suspicions while orchestrating their plan. I believe we haven’t seen the last of it.


whats your opinion?

You mean like the secret ‘personal files’ J. Edgar Hoover used to maintain on high ranking government officials? That is tantamount to blackmail and armtwisting.


I remember reading about how Moi was furious with kanyotu after learning from the press about Kibaki resigning as a minister and starting his DP party.

Apparently Moi would have preferred to know earlier about the plan and sack Kibaki beforehand.

Anyway, months later Kanyotu redeemed himself by personally bringing Koigi Wamwere to Nairobi. Koigi was in exile in Norway. Apparently he was tricked into visiting someone in Uganda where Kanyotu personally kidnapped him and had him charged with treason.

But those were days before Kenya had the freedoms people enjoy today. Those were days of single TV and radio station and heavily censured newspapers.


Wasn’t Hoover himself blackmailed by the mob? The mob also had secret files on the guy and they blackmailed him for many years. In fact, it appears Hoover learnt about keeping secret files of prominent people from the mafia.

He was blackmailed and he couldn’t extricate himself. He ‘revenged’ by doing the same to other people. I think he could be the reason that nowadays before you get any prominent job in the US, especially if its related to security matters, a detailed background check must be done to confirm there’s nothing in your background that can result in blackmail.


Good luck in your quest for new job

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