nini mbaya na wasichana

Back in 2013 there was a lady who we got to know each other through a friend and i made my intentions known. She was working in a shop and i was working at eabl. Since i was in store department i had very limited social life because of workload. I was katialing her through phone and could manage to talk for even 30 minutes since the company provided the airtime. So she once asked me what i earn since i was reporting to work very early and would come back late, and lied that i only get 12k, alicheka yake yote aka niambia she gets basic 13k + bonuses 15k.
Mind you i was making 70k on a good month ju ya sidekicks.
She even refused a date whenever i was off, she made sure i was out of her reach no matter what and kept on telling me she has a boyfriend who is an doctor and they are very serious and they love one another very much. I didn’t give up but she ignored me as much as she could.
Later God sent me an angel and after dating for one year we got married, the lady since we could talk sometimes congratulated me and even she knew we got a kid. My wife is down to earth as she can do any work and she takes care of my three dairy cows and my mum and shush always praises her whenever i go home and they tell me i got a good wife.
Now the lady who rejected me kimadharau now wants to come in between, and she is even planning how nitampeleka majuu, calling me all sweet names. So she expects me to spend on her and cheat on my wife who works hard to better our lives with her? Am sure she doesn’t know even how to cook.
So all she want to bring on the table is nunu? (In maina kagenis voice) ladies @Guru na @Female Perspective and @10000 OTHERS talk to me, coz i dont understand how she could think of comeback.


Cut links with the biatch kiyana.


Hata kama the kijiji requires evidence, hii transcript yako ya whatsup doesn’t do you justice…chukua slices na utembeze kiatu kama hao maninja waliokutangulia


Cheza na Moto…since I see you flirting flirting with her…utajua why Jezebel was a woman !!!


Acha aende na board kwa streets akitafta the next prey…
Sahii ukifool around she will get conveniently pregnant and utakuja tukuombee…
she’s not being loyal to you, she’s being loyal to her needs, and once she gets it, to hell with you

Mtumie hii


You said your wife lives and takes care of your cows in the village? The reason you are behaving like a single boy.


Small penis store keeper.


Stopped at April na tuko August…ktalk csi hebu fafanueni hii ESSUE


Make sure that umekula yeye kimatharau alaf walk away.

Really huyu msichana Atamtumia kama ngazi…na akojolee ndoa yake


si umpige through pass kimadharau kwa kijiji. Hiyo openly thinking you cant see past her bullshit and manipulative ways ndio hu bore.


Fisi 1 niaje


niaje chifu. Have you checked in on manki? inakaa uchaguzi haikumpeleka poa

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And after kumkula you have to make her know that umekula yeye na hutaki stori zako from that day…ju ya venye alikufanyia.

:D:Dhe could be at the last stages of pregnancy

Just hope hajui kwa kina Jaymoh otherwise this kind can cause havoc for him back home akikula na kuwacha


mtoto angepata citizenship ya Canaan sasa ni ya Kenya tu. That must be difficult. :smiley:


pigia villager mmoja hapa through pass

Social climber ka huyo you think atakomea hapo …uhondo itafikia the nice and humble wife and we all know how a scorned woman retaliates


Canaan kuna betting? I bet he would have preferred familia ihamie Canaan yeye aachwe akikamua muhindi hapa.

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