Nini Inaendelea?

So many people risking their lives, businesses and names to follow mwizi wa sugoi. Nini wananua watu wengine hawajui? Mbona sonko aachilie job yake ya nairobi iende ivo juu ya Ruto?

Kwani ulikua umefunga maskio atwoli akisema when Ruto becomes president…
Uhuru also knows, he’s just playing side shows.

Ask yourself mbona murathe na atwoli wamenyamaza na vile walikua wananyesha last year.

In which universe did sonko quit his job to follow sugoi thug. The charlatan was impeached, pulled all strings to stay on lakini wapi. You can cheat some people all the time, but you cant cheat all the…ama gwacha tu.

Alikuwa na choice ya kuachana na Ruto, acooperate na Saddam Hussein, na abaki kuwa governor, akachagua kufa na mwizi wa sugoi.

Mimi siasa niliwachana nayo kpsaaaaa

Wewe jua siasa haijakuacha kpsaaaaa

It depends on who you ask,what you read I have realised.2 weeks ago I was somewhere and I wanted to gauge how popular arror,bbi is, the youth were proud of rutos abrasiveness but they said tunangoja campaigns,the elderly said we have our eyes and ears open,we shall decide when time comes.

That made me post elsewhere MCA’s,governors, MPs etc will influence how much votes,so when Uhuru says some people won because of him I understand what he plans,I have also realised,being the DP and behaving like he is out of jubilee party gives ruto room and edge,the moment he is in his 2022 party,rutos popularity will go down and it will now be upon the kind of coalition he creates.

These are my observations which make me conclude it’s still early to conclude who wins,tread carefully.

So who are you following na umeskia wapi sisi tukiwa na shida with whomever you follow?

Sonko didn’t loose governorship because of Sugoi. He lost because he stood against uhuru’s capture and looting of Nairobi county to develop ‘nothern city’.

Uhuru today cannot win even a cow dip chairman and whomever he will support 2022, public will flee from ka mavi (take that to bank for a loan) - they have suffered under him greatly

Swindlers cannot escape the laws of physics. They attract one another.

mwalimu wako wa physics alikudanganya. soma law za physics tena

Opposites attract right. Swindler and Hustler