Niliwaambia muwachane na Black Americans. Turns out George Floyd was a hardened criminal

I told you these black American buggers are usually on the wrong 80% of the time. Huyu alikuwa ashafungwa mara tano before the events of this week.

Charged for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, trespassing, cocaine possession, fugitive. Woi woi woi chokora! This negro was a proper menace to society. This is the guy you want to defend to the death?

Ochieng lalisha makende

Kojoa ulale

Still doesn’t justify extra-judicial killings.

It’s a miracle for a black man living in America from birth not to have a record. Especially in the inner cities, most of them have had issues with the law…

You are one sick pathetic individual if you are trying to justify the actions of those cops.

@MikeOck hujiona mrembo sana

And that of course qualifies for him to be murdered in a most brutal fashion. The issue is his murder dont get it twisted!!!

I refuse to stand behind a proven repeat violent criminal. He went to jail FIVE TIMES for serious crimes, na huyo ndio mnatetea na roho yenu yote? Mnajifanya hapa mko objective. Next time you have a violent career criminal in your estate and he gets gunned down, endeni kudemonstrate juu ya hiyo kifo yake basi :smiley:

Unarmed and subdued then murdered. Walk yourself slowly through this process. Then re read your statement hapo ju.

Umesikia stori ya huyo jamaa? Gunman never change his ways. Ni njaro tu huwa anakula.

Here in Kenya:

  1. Wewe saa hii chukua bunduki, ingia kwa nyumba ya mwanamke na hiyo bunduki, mtishie maisha, iba pesa na simu, na uhepe kwa gari.
  2. Polisi wakupate uko bado kwa hiyo gari na bunduki zako saa hii niambie kama utakuwa na time ya kufika kotini na kuhukumiwa kufungwa miaka tano! Utakufa!

Hao sio polisi wako nao huko. Too linient.

The law has issues with them

They cheer for Hessy whenever he guns down poor youth in kayole.

Nyinyi watu wa kutetea black American gangsters mlikuwa wapi when Matheri wa Gachie was gunned down extra-judicially? :D:D:D

Stop being pretentious wannabes trying to defend this FIVE TIME prisoner George Floyd. Yaani jamaa anaenda prison ONCE, anatoka, anarudi tena TWICE, anatoka, anaingia tena THRICE, anatoka, back again FOUR TIMES, anatoka, alafu tena FIVE TIMES, anatoka, alafu tena ndio huyu bado anashikwa na polisi? Huyo si ni mwenda wazimu mnalilia haki? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So the cop arrested, prosecuted and judged the black man as he put his meffi on his neck, thus sending to his maker as per his judgement??? Nonseeeeeense!!! Ngui icio, Mithige iyo!!

Not sure whether I should engage you but let me try. Humans are a product of nurture. Nature takes it’s course in tandem with nurture. Thereafter, we are left to our fate.

As mentioned above, it is almost impossible not to have a record in the US. And, when deprived of all means to livelihood, it is only natural to devise means of life. That is the fate of Blacks who are deprived of meaningful education and jobs.

FYI the US is not like Africa where you can start your hawking business and see it grow. Everything is controlled. For that reason persons deprived of jobs MUST resort to unorthodox means, and that is why they end up having a criminal record.

Evidentially you do not understand the gist of this cartoon…Like someone mentioned above none of those justified the killing.
Even the man who killed him Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis officer who was arrested and charged with murder after using a knee chokehold on George Floyd, has a history of complaints against him.

Kristofer Bergh, a 24-year-old white man from Minneapolis, was one of the people who filed a complaint against Chauvin and another officer, accusing them of pulling a gun on him and his teenage friends in 2013 after one of the teens shot a Nerf gun that may have struck a passerby.

Around two months after Bergh filed the complaint against both officers, the Minneapolis Police Department sent him an email saying it had investigated his complaint of “inappropriate language and attitude,” but that it could not publicly release details of any disciplinary action against the officers.
“I apologize that you had a negative interaction with our Officers,” Sgt. James Carroll said in the email that was provided to BuzzFeed News.
Chauvin and the other officer did not face any discipline in Bergh’s case, according to a database of police conduct complaints obtained by the advocacy group Communities United Against Police Brutality that was provided to BuzzFeed News for review.
The database showed that Bergh filed the complaint on May 3, 2013, and his case number in the database matches one of the case numbers in Chauvin’s complaint profile released by the Minneapolis Police Department. The department does not release details of allegations in complaints when officers do not face discipline, Dave Bicking, CUAPB’s vice president, told BuzzFeed News. Bergh’s complaint was first reported by USA Today.

He was unarmed and subdued. He was on the ground arrested. The cop murdered him. He was not a threat to the officer at all. In fact the officer knelt on his neck. Boss kupatikana na bunduki ni stori tofauti Sana na hii tunaongea hapa

Nimeskia ati the two used to work together As security agents kwa bar ya mmathe fulani in Minneapolis. That Medford cop always had issues with perpetrators

Who used to work together ?Derek and Floyd?