NILIVOTE!! Confessions of a NASA supporter!!!

[SIZE=6]Hapana tambua meffi elections. Wacha tupewe sasa!![/SIZE]


Umeshinda. Sisi kama wanjubilee hatukuwa tunataka watu wafikirie sisi wote ni waerevu.

Gavana Samboja, wiper, ndaaaani!
Otichilo, ndaaaani!
Maraga, ndaaaani!

what makes you sure they voted?? Labda ata walivotia Dida

Wengine wetu this is a PR exercise.

Its your right to vote…

Hio ya Otichilo, weka picha. Because I don’t think so.

Hahaha you are that idle, ni haki yako

Now you Think Uhuru’s goverment will go under coz you spoilt one paper… Enyewe wewe wa mjinga…

I queded for 5 hours last time.

leo 5 mins i was done. voter apathy is real!!!


And whose 5minute’s did you waste??

got all the time to waste. 2 days of idleness si mchezo!

It was only one ballot. Do you factor the time each voter took to be given the other 5 ballots, mark and deposit them in their respective boxes?
And of course it’s well established less voters turn up for a re-run.

Rwnebpork. Accept n move on

Wandafu you waste all our time here when we read the crap na hatujawai kusumbua.
Yeye amewaste yake. Why should it bother you?

You are evil

ujinga ulioje?! u go destroy a ballot and post it here? trying to pass a message though a secret ballot? SMDH

No reforms no elections…oh wait:):):slight_smile:

I like the peace though! Mpesa are open, mama mboga operating, local zote wazi!!

I could see the ballot boxes, wasee hawajatokea. My cuz is in the polling station i voted, he gave me the numbers. Our polling station has 33K voters, by 3pm only 2 k had shown up.

Na hapa ni tao!

You do realize that tingod is on that ballot? Why do you hate your candidate so much ?