Nikola Tesla, under appreciated genius

The man who gave us the 20th century, and laid the foundation for the 21st century

"The present might be yours but the future is mine. "- Nicola Tesla.
The only mistake was living during the Einstein time.

Tesla was visionary, inflexible, probably had more elements of genius than Einstein.

Einstein was visionary with the ability to be practical and clear-headed, was able to use his abilities to be the genius of the 20th century.

[ATTACH=full]164077[/ATTACH] watch hii hapa biography of the inventors not quite intriguing but iko sawa

Nikola Tesla ako sawa lakini the genius throne belongs to his highness,the one and only Albert Einstein.

" Einstein’s use of the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass to derive his principle of equivalence, and eventually all of general relativity, amounts to a relentless march of logical reasoning unmatched in the history of human thought."A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Hii iko Netflix…

hiyo mambo ya einstein ni kali sana. Mimi time ndio hunisumbua. nashindanga kusoma hizo vitu lakini hakuna proper answer. for example, is the total sequence of events equal to time?
Alafu kuna jamaa niliona anasema that the sum of all existence is zero. I have heard of it before. but the guy says that the universe is on a decay process to nothing. nothing? not even space? why?

JP Morgan ndio baba yao he was a businessman General electric bad iko hadi wa leo juu ya JP

Given that the electricity grids that exist worldwide, the means by which you get electric power in your home/business, still use Tesla’s designs, is a testament to his practicality.

‘The Men Who Made America’ an eye opening 3 part documentary which featured JP morgan and Tesla

That’s a great documentary. I like his determination, he could not be intimidated by Edson.
That was pure genius.
So the boys potential could have been greatly diminished kama angeanza mambo ya ufisi.

Great minds are never sufficiently rewarded.

Time is a stubborn and persistent illusion