Nightmares when quiting Alcohol

Hi guys,
So, yesterday I made an important decision to quit alcohol, because I realized I had slowly become an alcoholic, drinking daily, consuming 350ml vodka on a workday evening, finishing a whole 750ml on a weekend. So I did not drink yesterday, just water…

I tried to sleep, but nothing. I decided to slap on those 30 min sleep well audios with earphones, but I would start to doze, but snapped back to fully awake at irregular intervals. I gave up on the audio and just stared at darkness. Luckily, somewhere along the line, my brain gave up and I dozed off. This is where I had 2 parts of a dream, one kind of a funny situation, the other a very strange nightmare, I could not sleep again. Both fully detailed and full colour, you would think I’m watching a colourful movie on a 4K display. This is how they went:

Part 1- I was walking with an old friend while carrying a big bag with a lot of stuff, some old small denomination notes, and 11k of the new 1000 notes. My friend was carrying a huge wad of the old 1k notes, and was trying to tell me how he couldn’t get the new one’s because he sells cigarette packs. He was trying to ask me to change for him. I told him I didn’t have any. My bag became transparent and he saw the notes. I told him that I can’t exchange those because I will be using them tomorrow. We reached a shop manned by a girl about 7 years old. I wanted to buy cigarettes (I recently quit smoking too, away from the dream). She had only one cigarette. I took it and looked into my bag to pay for it, but loose change is gone, only the 1k notes. Mmh, how awkward to pay for one cigarette with 1k? The kid started screaming about having no change.

This changes to part 2- I looked over at the other side and saw a square well about 10 feet by 5 feet. It’s protective was about 2 feet high. There were two donkeys and a cow nearby. One donkey was staring down the well, while the other donkey and cow were grazing on opposite sides of the well, to the right and left respectively. The staring donkey jumps in. I rush to see how deep it is, and it turns out to be a whole landscape down there, complete with greenery and a river. It’s about 6 storeys down from the well edge. The donkey is lying still by the river as if dead. I remember feeling sorry for it. Then it suddenly shot across the landscape, running only with the hind legs, the front legs broken and swinging lifelessly, with the donkey shouting, “please kill me, I can’t live with broken legs!” over and over again. Down there were multiple other animals, each with a broken part of the body dangling lifelessly. Two sheep were trying to fight, each with a dangling back hoof. I looked back up, the cow had stopped grazing and it was staring at me. It had a unicorn horn. Then it tried to attack me. This is the point I woke up and noooooped out of bed. It’s 4.30am at this point and I wasn’t going to be able to sleep again.

So, my question is? Is there some medical explanation about getting nightmares while newly sober? I sleep like a baby while having taken a drink. An extensive online search got me nowhere.

How many days have you been continuously drinking before you stopped? Would not give you any medical advice but you might be in early stages of Alcohol withdrawal…time to check into the doctor’s office for some detox treatment or the withdrawals will get worse with the possibility of death.

Ngoja ifike wakati utaskia nikama unadungwa dungwa masindano kwa mwili wote, moodswing.

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Heavy drinking started sometimes last December

Usikue na wasi wasi though ungeanza kupunguza pole pole hio drastic ndio tuff

the front legs broken and swinging lifelessly, with the donkey shouting, “please kill me, I can’t live with broken legs!” over and over again.

ndoto zako zinakuanga in English? :smiley:

Your dream has nothing to do with ksh 1000 notes or wells, donkeys and cows. The dream indicates that your psyche (super ego) has determined that you are at a precipice and time is running out. You psyche has made the judgement that you must change now. If you dont, your super ego has determined that you will fall down the precipice and be crippled and you will no longer be able to fight your life challenges but in a crippled state…

Well= ruination/crippling from alcohol addiction
1000 note= time expiring/time is up.
Unicorn cow= Alcohol
Bag= Hidden secret burden…in that dream you dont know it but your psyche assigned you as a donkey. You were a donkey.
Transparent bag= Fear of exposture of your secret burden

Niaje @Mjuaji

I hope this guy is on his way to see a doctor :).

I decided to self detox brother

I agree with you. Hio cold turkey quitting inanimess vibaya. Watu wata Sema ni denial and it is the quickest way to relapse, but honestly I’m sick and tired of the feeling after a weekend of heavy drinking, the shaky hands part plus the inability to finish a plate of food.

I drink on weekends mostly and when I started the sleep cycles were similar. Piriton husaidia if you don’t want such brain firts.

Shaking hands … sweating? Vomiting? Rapid heart rate? Go see a doctor. Get some intravenous medications and fluids and some medications to help you otherwise self detox might kill…not medical advise but you will thank yourself later.

It happens when you quit heavy drinking suddenly. Don’t let it drive you crazy. Just accept that the first few days zitakusumbua, it will help with not taking desperate measure to try to sleep.

Nothing to worry about. I once believed that I can’t sleep without drinking. So I gave myself a challenge. Quitting without a goal was not an option. So I looked for a nutritionist and did a strict diet with alcohol, not an option. Also went jogging in the morning. Day 1 was a bit crazy but I kept my eyes on the prize. A great body. So I am distracted by exercise mpaka a month kwishad. In fact, as early as day 3 without alcohol I had resumed a sleeping partner like normal people. To fight the urge I used to take lemon water. Funny thing I realized you can even have a conversation in a club without taking alcohol. The downside is you start avoiding friends who drink because you get easily irritated by the drunk talk. Never felt healthier. Hang in there random buddy. BTW, I am proudly on the 5th month !!

Dream interpreters wako wapi…naweza sema your conscious is fighting between quitting your habits and having a positive growth or falling back. Its upto ya.

And you joined the village today at 5:22am…Mmmkay.



Nyinyi watu si mnakunywa I had a friend who almost drunk himself to death he has pancreatitis, hapo ndio niliamua sitafika hapo I only drink one or two cups of keg once or twice a month and then I take a break for several weeks and its works for me

Wacha Ile siku utaanza kukuliwa na viroboto usiku. Utatafuta pombe hadi chini ya kitanda.