Have you ever had a dream so realistic you thought it was real ?
A few days ago, I dreamt that Mama Toto was going through my trouser pockets and she found a tiny fragment of a makobosto packet.
I woke up sweating and my heart was beating like a drum.
I rushed to the kitchen where the laundry was in a pile on the floor and went through all my pockets.
When I returned to the bed, she asked me what is ? I told her there was a rat in the kitchen.
She is very scared of rats so she didn’t sleep at all. The next day I bought traps and set them up.
I’m waiting for the ‘rat’ to be caught because that is all she talks about.
Kuna mahali naweza nunua panya live niweke kwa trap ?

Ungeambia Mama Toto ulienda kukojoa na sasa umerudi kulala. On a serious note kojoa ulale.

Ungemwambia njaa inakumaliza na ulienda kutafuta chakula…shida najua kwa hiyo familia chakula ikipikwa inakuliwa yote:D:D:D:D

Kunywa Faxe polepole kijana…

Tunafinyafinya kaugali kadogo tu ka kilo mbili…

Enyewe shida zingine can never be duplicated! Only in ktalk.

Ongea na @snapdragon atakuuzia panya ya KEMRI

Mbona unaishi kama bachelor ukiwa na wife? Pile of dirty clothes? On the floor??? Sir, you have bigger problems to worry about other than rats. A laundry basket for example.

i had to laugh :D:D:D

:D:DTofauti yake na senior bachelor ni gani kama nguo chafu zimetapakaa kitchen? I thought women were supposed to add value to a man’s life. If I got a wife who cant help me organize a messy bachelor life to a neat home, that relationship would be dead on arrival. I would feel seriously conned.

i remember during my bachelor days i would stick clothes underneath the bed hadi i could feel the bed being stiff because of piles clothes underneath. Here is my little story ;

Of all the 8 girlfriends i had, non ever bothered to offer to wash them instead they would ask ‘mama nguo’ to wash them for me. EXCEPT one ,just one (shinny eyed )told me to save that cash to buy myself a new pair of shoes, she bent over and washed all the clothes.It was a trap i was laying and 7 of them ( all my fellow tribemates-luhyas) failed miserably . Actually i bought her shoes instead, took her the following week to arboretum and told her i want to marry her. She is my mama watoto till right now.

I told you guys all my posts are made up and here you are acting like it is real.
You really think I did all this ? Traps ? Rats ?

That is the most inspiring story I have read this morning. Hongera for the Solomonic wisdom


Most girls nowadays bring absolutely nothing to a relationship other than second hand pussy, and yet expect to be treated like queens. They dont want to do laundry, cook, clean the house etc. Unfortunately. And they still look forward for men to put rings on them. Especially those who think that they are “educated”. A woman may be hot, educated and all, but if pussy is all she has to offer, men get bored very fast because they dont notice any improvement in their lives. Once had a friend, lets call him Peter. One day we visited him with another buddy. He was living with his girlfriend. The house was a mess. I could tell that the last time kuoshwa was like two weeks ago. Dirty curtains etc. His girl amekaa tu kitako akibinge watch series. When we arrived, the guy took three dirty glasses kwa sink, washed them and served us with soda tukaangaliana in shock. Needless to say we told him that we had something very urgent and confidential to discuss with him that evening akuje kwa local. We insisted ni business ndio asikuje na dame yake. We gave him a piece of our minds that day. He dumped that leech, got a new one who was responsible and married her. He keeps thanking us for opening his eyes to small things he was blind to.

Nguo chafu jikoni?.kwani mnazitumia kama kiungo cha chakula ??

Married to a shiny eyes, yet you keep bashing them?
Why do you guys live so much in denial?

Some kitchens are big sio kama zingine ukiinama matako iko sitting room :D:D:D:D:D:D:cool::stuck_out_tongue: also they may have a washing machine and they just pile matonyo near it :cool::cool::cool::frowning:

Back in the day niliwahi kuwa na kunguru hata hangeosha sheets/kutandika kitanda after tumenyanduana all night in my house. Ile siku nilileta ingine ikaosha bedsheets, ikatandika bed na ikapika breakfast, I dumped the other one instantly. Mtu hajuangi what he has been missing until you experience it ama uchanuliwe na mabeshte. That was many years ago

What do you expect na nyumba ni single room kama ile ya kym enzi zile