night talk:sexual fetishes

Do you have some strange sexual fetishes.? Personally i have a fetish for doing it with clothes on.

Me with the vest on

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clothes too

foot fetish

panty on

Hio ya ingia ni kali, skirt ama dress Kuinuliwa walai makes the dick harder than a ton of diamonds


2 years ago, my boss sent me to check internet connections in his house.He had this hot Kao househelp, as soon as I got there, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off her.As I was tracing the fault, I cunningly called her to come and hold the cable for me, shot ya kwanza was right there kwa carpet, I just lifted her skirt, pushed panties aside and pushed the rod in.The 2nd was on the sofa with same process.That was some of the sweetest I ever had and fantasized about it for months.


I didn’t rape her, she was enjoying every bit of it.

@old monk hiyo sio rape, most guyz have done this ones in a while.

No, she was a mature woman, I even suspect she could’ve been married.

Kwa hivyo ulikula bibi ya wenyewe na Carl max alitukataza hiyo tabia?

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After the second round, I went to shower, on coming out, she casually said…‘umekula vitu ya wenyewe’…then started giggling.I tried to get her to explain what she mean’t but she refused.It was only later that it hit me maybe she mean’t she was married.

Duh, yenyewe hauna experience na hizi mambo, not a full shower, unaosha tu just the privates.Usiende ukinuka nginyo.

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Hehehe. Interesting stuff.

I personally like it rough, like rape. I fear I may orgasm to a rapist.

makes it even more exciting. I’m an exhibitionist and I love it

Tutaendelea kusisitiza umuhimu wa kuweka picha ili kutuwezesha kubainisha kati ya hekaya na ukweli.


ok my fetish is screwing a chic with the panty still on. yaani unasongesha kando kidogo and you let the ninja navigate its way through

I like it when a woman talks dirty especially in vernacular no matter what language.I used to go out with a Tanzanian chick alikuwa anpenda ati nimtukane while im busy at it and it was always hard juu the only matusi i can do in fluent swahili rotates arond “kumamako malaya etc…” but that always led her to a squirting orgasm and i loved it.There was nothing that mad woman could not have done in bed…i had to break up with her juu i couldnt trust her and the thought of her doing the same crazy shit to another man drove me to the edge with jealousy.


The rule was not there at the time and it was a one-off thing, I never went there again, so unataka picha nitoe wapi?

at least weka ya uki kumbuka… ara !!