night animal

just before the centre blew and things fell apart in the previous village, a gang of night animals used to punch the clock repeatedly. used to be fun watching night shifters, hoes, truck drivers, wezi and their ilk pause long enough to punch the old big Ben before returning back to their perverted chores. oh sorry, I forget the drunks in this unforgettable pursuit.
question is, was this practice inherited and adopted or do I get to walk the night alone? anyone doing Keisha outhere.?

22:18… Niko

Hio mambo tuliwacha siku hizi tuko sonko rescue team…


Wewe umepita mtihani ya admission with frying carras. Cograjurashions

M4 niko present…

01:30 am…mimi bado iko tu

1.32 na bado nasukuma gurudumu,arsenal 2,na wale majama 1.

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Wan thate naen

Nyamangumu anamulikiwa na mwezi akirudi kijijini 01:41