Niggas, I Have Told You Whites Ain't Human.................Better Believe It!

bookmarked for next weekend. Been visiting your blog - and you’ve not posted anything!

Rudi kwa blog yako pole pole

I’ve seen this from you severally and I’m beginning to take offense.

Just watch the ferking clip and tell me whether that pink thing is human.

And while at it explain why the Chinese made contact with Africans 1,000 years before the Whites did, without committing genocide? That had to wait until the Whites started sailing around the world in 1500s exterminating everything from the dodo up…

Working on it sir. Just give me a few more days…

Old man, did you ever work for Joe magazine?

A bit of tired humour for an old man

With Terry Hirst? And then we go drinking at the Hole in Wall on Moi Avenue on slow afternoons when the likes of Catherine Gicheru were 18 (she’s like 62 now).


He he he!
What the fuck is this?


Are you white? Kama wewe ni mzungu kwenda kabisa. Ktalk is by Kenyans for kenyans

They are usually very calm while they describe their past actions. Very good story tellers they are.
Short and to the point.

I mean this shawcross is one sick puppy but I think the Iceman kuklinski is the real madman when it comes to killing. There are others like Edmund kemper and also Jeffrey dahmah who are also quite outspoken on their interviews. Hata huku Africa wako tu. They are not unique to whites only. Ni vile hawajafanya interviews.
That filmmaker Ross kemp did a disturbing documentary about South African gangs some years ago and it had some colourful characters with very sick stories.
This interview below was shot in the early 90s when the iceman was a bit “younger”:


Watch Forensic Files

Kenyans need to think more like mwalimu couchP. We are too nice to muthungu.

this planet is too small!! nitaachia tu hapo sitaki KTalk CSI kwa kesi yangu.

Most depressing video iv watched since Feb 4th.

We shall channel the hate to fuel the revolution.

Man I thought I had watched the most depressing shit pale juu till I watched this. It has been painful , hurting and the coldest documentary i’v ever listened to. The guy doesn’t feel sorry for the guys he killed , he was just only sorry for his family . Selfish person .