Nigerians are one of the pridest africans

I’ve observed that Nigerians are very prideful people, they will talk shit about their government and country amongst each other but will never let a non nigerian talk shit about Nigeria or talk shit about Nigeria to non nigerians. Why do you think they have this very prideful culture even though Nigeria is devided in tribes compared to other african countries?

@MBAKUTHEPRIDEST is this language Nigerian Pidgin?

@Makonika kuja chorea huyu jamaa Ile cartoon ya Osungu.dll

Hii nugu Osungu.dll yake nimehesabu kama bad loan.


Wait dey wake ooh… Dey coming. Better run abeg



is not a motherf-ucking game.

Mara ngapi nitasema kama lugha huelewi achana nayo na uonge ya mama wafasiri wa lugha wapo wengi hapa.

RIP rusungu.

Nigeria is just another shithole country. Cant even locate it on the map…

Huyu ndo alikua anataka white men?:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:eek::D:D:D.
How Will you communicate with your white lover? Sign language?

Please mtu ameelewa prideful na pridest ni nini kindly explanation to me

Another sign language communicator…

Not sure what you mean but am assuming you mean proud. No they are not a proud people. They are arrogant SoBs and there is a big difference.
Kenyans are a proud people. They have been pushed left, right and center, wamekaa tuu. They have refused to fight each other despite 1 million opportunities being made available by our leaders and other smalltime tribalists in out midst.

What is the problem? Amujui kiingereza? I ment proudest.

He will teach me english like the manly man he is :p:p

Oh that’s what you ment?

:D:D @Abba ongea tu kiteso tutaelewa ghasia hii