Nigerian swindles Kenyan woman KES 31M

Monday, 21 December 2020 – A Nigerian man was arraigned in Kibera Law Court on Monday after he was accused of conning his Kenyan girlfriend Ksh 31 Million.
The West African man got a reprieve after the magistrate allowed him more time to settle the matter out of the court with the lady.

The court heard that Edwin Chukwudiebere Okoye conspired with others to defraud the Kenyan lady who is identified as Bella of the money on diverse dates between May 1 2017 and May 14, 2018.

A fool and her money …

and her pthy…

Tunaanzia hapa, where do you get such loaded women?

Zile ghaseer zimejaa hapa nje ni batallion ya tuma fare na single mothers zinataka kulipiwa rent.

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hama umo boss. Virgins also exist in plenty.

Oga guys are experts in this…a Kenyan man has no time for sweet nothings which these gullible women crave for

I know this guy. Huyu jamaa ni sweet talking usipo kaa chonjo anakuonyesha kivumbi. He has a company in Kenya which sells phones on credit terms. He may have used that to osha that Bella lady with non existent tenders.

Lmao… You clearly know him… It had something to do with importation of phones and financing government tenders. Alitoa huyo mzungu B Club

To every soul who’s"fare" has been eaten, Our oga broda has done us proud, he should share that loot amongst men

A man named Chukwudiebere is enough evidence of a scam. Ndio akuibie sii wewe ni malenge sana.

shida iko wapi?

Maswali Tatu …

1/ Where did Bella “earn” KES: 31 Million from …???
2/ Has She paid her fair share of Income Taxes to KRA … ???
3/ To what Legal / Criminal purpose were the Funds to be utilized … ???

My concusion …
Either the proceeds of Drug Sales …or … some equally nefarious activity … :D:D

Oga guys will blow up their last coin at the highest end bar. That is how they meet people with millions.

Nyi ndio mnalamba wababa mikundu na kuwabebea koti ndio mkuwe na “friends”

Kuwaita mkubwa

This is very specific, it sounds like a confession…leta hekaya.

Na Kiongozi pia :smiley: