Nigerian man told by God that there is going to be civil unrest in Kenya for 8 years

Nigerian man claims that God told him that there is going to be war in Kenya for 8 years

Interesting and what did he tell him about the Chibok girls?

Jamaa anataka kupiga kambi…he is testing the waters.

Not every man that caries a spanner is a mechanic

And his Brodas all over ,awasaidie Kwanza warudi home.

Nigerians and God in one sentence…
From what I know I understand those guys are godless.

The last person God would ‘speak’ and tell (what a joke) anything is a Nigerian.

The only good Nigerian is a deported Nigerian

those guyz with trashy accent shud be deported followed by wahindi kenya ibaki na wazungu na wasomali as the only foreigners.

Prosperous to very few but the big number suffers day in day out since time in memorial.
Someone is benefitting big time with the chaos, not related to fuel but what does it take for the government to help the transport industry with waivers especially in major towns to have big buses like Stagecoach. I am of the thought that if we have decent high capacity buses within Nairobi the middle class with park their cars which contribute to traffic mainly in Mombasa and Nairobi.
I am basing the above with keen observation on how Kenya Mpya buses have somehow managed to move masses every day on Thika road at a lower rate say compared to Kikuyu - Nairobi and Rongai - Nairobi or Kitengela - Nairobi.

Hawa manaigerians are allover kasarani, drugs peddlers !

Not only in Kasarani, many have been deported back in Nigeria from SA and even UK for drug trafficking

They corrupt our police and poison our youth ! Wakende kwao.