Nigerian Mafias in Germany

Hawa oga ni noma sana. Wamepeleka scam na umafia Europe. Oga ni noma!

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hapa umejaribu…chokoraa wewe…
hama kwa mamako meffi


ambia mamako apanulie @LongerTime mkia upate kazi ya uber huko

@LongerTime atume picha na evidence ya campus Germany ama mkundu itawaka moto kayole

Niliwaambia racism will NEVER end, at least not in the next three centuries.

We have too many fkn bad apples among us that it is easier for other races to just discriminate everyone who is black.

Inaitwa pattern recognition. If one negro buys a house in your white neighborhood, that doesn’t mean much.

If 100 negroes buy houses in your white/asian neighborhood, that is a very big problem because there is a 100% chance that crime will skyrocket.

Some snakes are not venomous, but you don’t take chances to find out because majority of them are dangerous. It is easier to kill/avoid all snakes without bothering to find out whether they are venomous.

That means if you are a black man in Germany, it is easier for the white people to treat you like a criminal instead of bothering to find out whether you actually are a criminal.

@Electronics4u take this to documentary section

But i posted it on the documentary section?

100% you have not watched the documentary. This is just a default comment. I know because it is not about the crime you are talking about. You are just projecting hatred of the self. Have you ever lived in a white neighbourihood with many blacks?

That documentary is just hearsy. Even German police say they have no evidence yet.

Get over yourself. White flight is a phenomenon that is backed by research. Have you ever gone to space to confirm the existence of other planets??

About watching the documentary, I have. Maybe you should watch it again. You will learn a thing or two about how the trade works and why organizations such as Black Axe inevitably contribute to racism against blacks.