Nick Mwendwa amerudi FKF. What's the fate of Kenyan football?


What the Eff!

Jamaa wa lip service… Kenya football is back deep in the sewer.

For a country with over Ksh16b allocated to the sports ministry, it’s a tragedy that we aren’t even regional champs in things like football.

Mnaexpect nini with the ilk occupying the top two seats in the land? It’s merely a reflection, and a pointer of what’s to come

what did you expect UDA vile ilishinda? infact he vied during UDA nominations.

ngoja uone Waititu, Echesa, Sonko , Obado, Jowie will all be given a job in govt and their cases will die in court.

We are screwed. Nick knows the secret behind profiting in government nowadays; make sure you make losses/fail so that billions will be pumped in to bail you out.

If I was in charge, he would get into an accident. No Nick and FIFA will do business with the next guy in line.

There’s is no doubt that Nick was brushing shoulders with Ruto and that gave Amina and DCI the leverage to jettison him without an alternative. The transitional committee has been utter rubbish which goes to prove that Amina was clueless about football. Nick could be useless, but the right way to remove him is through FKF elections. Some loudmouths pretending to be fans were saying let the FIFA ban come and almost one year down the line, there’s no international football. Too embarassing for Amina and the so-called transitional committee.

Conman Nick had already plunged Kenyan football into ruin even before Amina intervened. With Nick at the helm football will be a sector condemned to failure.

What Kenya needs is changes to the sports act to prevent corruption. For example, a statute that says that that total amount of money that goes to sports officials cannot exceed 5% of income.

So this means if FKF is receives Ksh 1m from the govt then sports officials cannot pay themselves more that Ksh 50,000.
If they do, they go to jail.
As things stand now, FKF officials pay their own sitting allowances before any money is spent on players.