Nice place

Hi all anyone who knows a place one can take his better half and take a leave from this Nairobi and a private place pls

Any one

Mbisha ya Mbeta half ikuje kwanza.:wink:
If you want to go out of Nairobi, why don’t you take her to Masai Mara?


What Radius from Nairobi?

Go to Fairmont Safari club in Nanyuki n thank me later

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Hapa kuna fisi wengi mbisha apana …radius jst nairobi environs

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Wankers ndilo jina

Try Ol Talet and Oloika Cottages a short distance from olepolos very scenic and private; most people stop at ole polos so u will enjoy your privacy,

This is a pic from their website


Its about 40KMs from NRB so its well within your environs requirement


@Ice_Cube thanks alot

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Na ulete mbisha za nature and the surrounding kama quail ni main squeeze, we will still appreciate scenic photos

Siwezi mind akiweka ya quail pia

rolfs place in rongai c mbaya pia

bisha ya better half

Whispering thorns huko Pipeline after Kiserian on your way to Isinya.
Very private,cosy and simple place to take your better half… OR that special woman in your life! kikikikiiikkkiiikikiiiiii…

I think its whistling Thorns kabuda you may be confusing with Nelspruit’s Whispering Thorns

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You are right bro. my mistake.

Shida ni ma waiter wamezubaa sana…has no life but scenery is okay

Would go to the great rift valley Lodge.

domestic tourism naona iko kidete

Mimi mahali uko sies leta bibi yangu!