Nice guy namaliswa


She’s getting back at him for doing something.
Most heartless kungurus don’t write long texts like that with a lot of emotions.

:D:D:D:D:D…she hit the wall and the nicca entered Oluwa Forest faster than a Cheetah.

Bitch is still emotionally invested in the relationshit. Huyu cody akimpata hakuna kuongea, ni kumshika, kumpiga snog na kuanza kumtoa nguo. Atajifanya hapo “wait…stop”, lakini in 10 seconds coomer itakuwa wet na makosa itafanyika tena.

Nice guys truly do finish last,especially in matters dating.

Most likely he caught her cheating and was like, “I treated you like a princess, how could you…” Heheheee…

That is someone who believes in oneitis like @poyoloko and in that entire relationship he never gave the chick a hint that he has got other options. Look at him, he is a fcuking loser

Thats what you get for dating kate

If you take a closer look, you will realize that the Kate woman is obsessed with the gentleman. The guy is winning.

Hoes mad

She wants him back badly … she knows it’s jungle out there.

Winning? WTF? By the time a woman is getting this overt, umechelewa sana.


:D:D huyu ako na uchungu ya kupeana slices na hakulipwa doo

Hii Oluwa forest iko wapi, nimewekewa mimba.

very correct…kumbafu haina feelings haiwezi andika hii umeffi yote.

:D. Pewa kunguru mbili na ulete bill