niancheswo au la?

So am getting a payout of about 120k from insurance… But the lawyer says I can only get 40k after she has deducted all her costs. Is it that expensive to process such matters.
Ama nichukue na niseme sikua nazo.
At least am alive

kila mtu lazima ale, but hiyo % ni mingi.

I fear that % sir. Or did the lawyer’s deductible take home become fixed below 200k? No longer working with %

insurance ya black mamba ama ?

anakula sana

And as long as you are alive, kindly give tell us the formula he used to reach to that %

That’s too steep my fren

Haha I almost went to law school. Still even have the acceptance letter from U.o.N.Such stories slightly give me bitter regrets. Yaani someone just bomoad you 80k for filling out papers and at the most following protocols? Always have a pre-signed agreement with your lawyers folks, anything above 30% of the expected payout is just outright madness.

said kuna court fees .filing costs of the case.

Nkisema place ako najua mtajiza tu why she’s so thiefing. @Eng’iti kabisaaaaa

Ask her for the breakdown of the fee note.

I aint a lawyer but aaai hapo hapana…huyo anataka kukula…inafaa ikuwe kitu like 20% kwani hukusign agreement…that’s above 50% mkubwa chunga sana…usiibiwe ukiona

Ubaya ni ati akimwitisha she would have already cooked up non existent figures to justify her payments

Let’s say he was awarded 50k, hangepewa kitu?

Lazima angepewa but si iyo ya kumuacha maskini ivo

Ama angedaiwa, hii system ya majambasi.

lawyers wanakulanga sana, went to one to change directors of a ltd company wakaniambia 32000. left the documents with them with instructions not to begin. made a few calls nikapata I can do that on e citizen. it didn’t cost more than 5000

But they also have to be humane, mtu analipwa for injuries and you take everything really?

Na hakuna authority ina govern conduct ya lawyers??

there is something in that profession that makes someone greedy. hata former CJ Mutunga in the 90’s alikula a big percentage of persons he represented in court

LSK, lakini the same corrupt lawyers ndio utapata huko.