Ni Vipi?

Can someone explain to me what is meant by robots on line? Does it mean some talkers are mere robots…basi namshuku sana huyu @BigMark and its out-of-this-world-fantasies.


Monkeys are considered robots.

Damn autocorrect. I meant monks.


kazi yao ni kumonitor site…

akina old monkey

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Deoro ni robot wa games

Robot ni watu wako na sura chuma kama hiyo yako! :smiley:

Robots in this context ni software application inatembea kila mahali kwa net ikitafuta mahali inaweza post something stupid. There are are thousands of them that post spam or viruses wherever they can. Even search engines like google use many robots to parse content, follow links, etc. There might be a site robot ya mwenye hapa here monitoring user activity for malicious intent. So at one time or another there will always be a robot on a site and most of them are never well meaning.

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