Ni kubaya


Hiyo stress ni too much. Imagine vigilantes kucamp nje ya nyumba yako for three days waki-scream vile bwanako ni murderer, watoto pia wako pale wanajua wanaeza vamiwa any time. Ata ni bahati hawaendi shule juu ile bullying wangepata! This is what needs to happen, every cop who commits extrajudicial killings gets terrorized mpaka family yake ikose amani.

Haha, If this is true, I think she had that thought all along before this incident, but then a perfect moment presented itself. But who am I to profile people’s actions?

She had no children with the murderer

@Micymas. Last straw. Your posts take forever to load. Blocked

:D:D:D:D:D… Beta males never learn!!! ,Once the utility is gone so will she!!!

MTU a snipe huyu ghassia ya kichwa

maybe thats why the guy was relieving stress with the black man

Could be. All in all, that chap has a lot of unsolved issues.

Been married to him for 10yrs with no kids,what a waste

Its all about money, lawsuits are looming she doesn’t want to lose money/assets wauze vitu za huyo ngurue peke yake.

There is also a high level of domestic violence among spouses of Law enforcement officers. Considering she was an immigrant too, she probably married him for papers but was unable to leave because of his background. This is a great window of opportunity for her to run off.